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Jan 201819

Flexible Sexual Harassment Prevention Training That Sticks

Approximately 13,000 sexual harassment cases are brought to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) each year. 54% of U.S. women have experienced unwanted and inappropriate sexual advances from men at work. (Source: Langer Research Associates)

5 weeks ago

Jan 201817

Tips for Selecting an EEO and/or Diversity Trainer

When the training is about EEO issues, it is important the trainer have both a depth of understanding of the legal issues and, more importantly, an appreciation of the limits of his/her own knowledge about the subjects.

5 weeks ago

Jan 20184

Affirmative Action (AA) – Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) – An Overview

As organizations focus on the implementation of diversity & inclusion programs they sometimes, mistakenly, assume that there is no longer a need for EEO or affirmative action/affirmative employment efforts. This can be a serious error as each program contributes to the organization’s success in different ways.

2 months ago

Dec 201714

Invest Time to Build Trust

Rock climbers put their lives in each other’s hands. They do this because they have a deep trust and respect for their climbing partner’s skills and reliability. Developing trust in a climbing partner takes time, as each person must learn the other’s communication style, abilities, and climbing strategies.

2 months ago

Nov 20178

Harassment & Discrimination Is Still Not Just About Sex Anymore!

Most of us are familiar with sexual harassment in the workplace, but when it comes to harassment and discrimination, it’s not just about sex anymore. And it never was, quite frankly. In reality, laws prohibiting discrimination and harassment in the workplace go far beyond just sexual harassment.

3 months ago

Oct 201726

FAQ: The Hidden Impact of Harassment Claims on an Organization

In order to reduce harassment claims in your organization, employers should establish, distribute to all employees, and enforce a policy that prohibits inappropriate behavior (including harassment), and communicates a procedure for making complaints.

4 months ago

Oct 201712

What Is Unconscious Bias? (A Primer)

Bias may be used to describe both positive and negative mindsets towards individuals and groups. Many references to bias refer to the persistent, harmful and unequal treatment of someone based solely on some characteristic they possess or their apparent membership in or identification with a particular group.

4 months ago

Sep 20177

Inclusion Creates New Opportunities (Part 4)

While shifting a company’s perspective to seeing D&I as an organizational development initiative does bring about a substantial change in regard to how diversity is viewed and approached throughout the organization, this change also creates new efficiencies and business opportunities.

5 months ago

Aug 201724

Navigating The Shift From Diversity Training to an Organizational Development Initiative (Part 3)

For an organization making the shift from diversity program to diversity Organizational Development initiative, thoughtful and strategic decisions must be made in order for that initiative to be successful and achieve business results.

6 months ago

Aug 201717

Diversity - An Organizational Development Initiative (Part 2)

From diversity training to diversity learning environment - embracing diversity from an Organizational Development approach.

6 months ago

Aug 201710

Diversity - An Organizational Development Initiative (Part 1)

Making the transition from diversity to diversity and inclusion (D&I) requires organizations to shift the way D&I is applied to business operations and understood through the organization.

6 months ago

Aug 20173

The Concept of Workplace Diversity is Evolving

If diversity training was a push in the right direction, diversity as a continuous education environment becomes a pull towards a workplace that employees want to be part of.

7 months ago

Jul 201713

Diversity & Inclusion - Glossary of Terms and Key Concepts

We are often asked about the 'formal definitions ' of the terms used in Sollah's video programs and eLearning courses. We work closely with our subject matter experts to present the terms used in our training materials as both legally correct and easy-to-understand. Here are some of the key terms and concepts we're most asked about.

7 months ago

Jun 201722

Armed Intruder/Active Shooter Training - The PREVAIL!™ Difference

Simply put, PREVAIL! is designed to change the mindset of all viewers, trainees and participants. This program instills a 'prevailing' attitude - as opposed to a 'survival' attitude. There is a difference!

8 months ago

Jun 20178

Getting Creative

The more time we spend with our own personal sources of inspiration, the more creative we will feel. The more we act upon those feelings, the more we will create. To paraphrase the ever wise and venerable Spock, “Live long, create, and prosper.”

8 months ago

May 201718

A Full Plate (Avoiding Getting Burned Out)

The constant pressure to do more with less can lead to worker burnout. Burnout happens when requests for our time and energy exceed our capacity to comply.

9 months ago

Apr 201711

Q&A - Glass Conference Rooms & An Armed Intruder

None of the offices or conference rooms at our offices have locks on the doors. Also all of the conference rooms have a front wall of frosted glass with the lower panel being plain glass. We’re struggling with what options (if any) we have within our facilities for LOCK OUT with the design of these rooms. What should we do?

10 months ago

Apr 20173

Armed Intruder Preparation DOES NOT Equal Prevention, But...

When it comes to an armed intruder/active shooter, preparedness is a key part of the equation. Preventing an armed intruder should revolve around a comprehensive strategy.

11 months ago

Mar 20179

Getting Perspective

Little kids run everywhere they go. Ever notice that? They don’t just move in a dignified way from room to room like we do. You get the impression that they’re afraid they’ll miss something exciting if they don’t approach life at warp speed. And they can be brought to a screeching halt by a colony of ants or a pile a leaves. If you catch us running, it’s because we’re late for a meeting.

11 months ago

Feb 201723

Generations Apart

A fun and interesting perspective of Gen X and Gen Y employees - from the perspective of a Baby Boomer. Honest thoughts and interesting stereotypes are discussed. Will some generation-based attributes still annoy us? Sure they will. Can we work through those problems? We can if we choose to do so.

12 months ago

Jan 201721

American Diversity: From Exclusion to Inclusion by Ben Alexander

So when and how did this focus on diversity and inclusion as business issues get started in the USA? Most people point to the mid-1960’s when the civil rights movement led to the passage of the anti-discrimination laws which ultimately changed American business practices. But...

13 months ago

Dec 20164

Coaching Tips & Tricks - Asking the Right Questions

Coaching is a powerful tool. Asking the right questions is key to getting the right results. In this post, we present the top 25 questions that can jump start any coaching session.

15 months ago

Nov 201611

Post Election Steps for D&I Professionals

This U.S. election cycle has been divisive like none other in recent history - and in the days since the election, that divisiveness has continued. Diversity and inclusion professionals can play an important role moving forward by helping people to reset to this new reality.

15 months ago

Oct 201618

Five Common Diversity Mistakes

Having a diversity program in place within an organization is fantastic! But having a well-planned and result-driven diversity and inclusion program that is getting results is never implemented without careful planning. Here are some common mistakes we've seen organizations make in the name of 'diversity.'

16 months ago

Oct 20166

Do the Right Thing! Supporting Ethical Behavior in the Workplace

Most of us take pride in having a strong moral compass. We do our best to take the high road when presented with a moral or ethical challenge.

17 months ago

Sep 201622

5 Strategies for Re-building Relationships and Resolving Differences

Damaged workplace relationships and unresolved conflicts can cause a tremendous personal and productivity toll. If you have experienced one or more conflicts that disrupt the flow of work, you’re not alone. In fact, a CPP Inc. study suggests U.S. employees spend an average of 2.1 hours each week dealing with such conflicts, at a yearly cost to employers of $359 billion.

17 months ago

Sep 20169

Components of a Successful Diversity Initiative

There are common characteristics of a solid diversity initiative. Here are a few best practices that can help you get things kicked-off in the right direction.

17 months ago

Aug 201615

Creating a Culture of Integrity

In an effort to educate employees about ethical business practices and regulatory compliance within the organization, many organizations are developing ethics and compliance programs. These programs encourage ethical behavior and compliance with regulatory requirements.

2 years ago

Jul 201623

D&I’s Role in Bringing Social Issues into the Workplace

The recent spate of violence around the world has left many employers wondering what they should do to support employees, many of whom are feeling stressed, overwhelmed and disengaged at work. We have developed a Diversity & Inclusion Integration: Bringing Social Issues into the Workplace Model which can help you to decide what steps are appropriate for your organization.

2 years ago

Jul 201613

D&I’s Role To Support Employees Following Violence

Over the past several months, episodes of violence and the media storm that followed has left many employees in our diverse workforce coming to work feeling scared, stressed and fearful. The events are bringing up many conversations about unconscious bias and being respectful.

2 years ago

Jul 20164

New D & I Integration Model to Consider

When launching new products, a typical adoption curve has three stages: early adopters, mainstream/majority adopters and the late adopters. Diversity & Inclusion integration isn't that much different!

2 years ago

Jun 201616

An ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act) Case Study

Understanding the ADA is an arduous task. That's why you have an HR and/or Legal Department. But there are some things a manager should know. Here is a case study about the ADA that you can use in an upcoming ADA training session.

2 years ago

May 201620

Q&A - Key Diversity Terms Defined

It’s important to understand key concepts like diversity and inclusion – especially as the U.S. continues to evolve and change. The current workplace is different much different than it was a short decade ago. And the change is happening faster! Let me give you a few definitions that will help put these core concepts into perspective.

2 years ago

May 20165

Conflict Clock™ Earns Two Telly Awards

Sollah's best-selling workplace conflict program - Conflict Clock™ - captures two Telly awards.

2 years ago

Apr 201627

What is Culture? (A Primer)

Culture refers to the cumulative deposit of knowledge, experience, beliefs, values, attitudes, meanings, hierarchies, religion, notions of time, roles, space, symbols and spiritual concepts, and material objects and possessions acquired and passed along by communication and imitation from generation to generation.

2 years ago

Apr 20166

The Competitive Advantage of Diversity & Inclusion

There is a distinct and measurable advantage to fostering diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Here are a few of the most significant advantages to a diverse and inclusive organization.

2 years ago

Mar 20163

Cultural Quick Tips (Volume 2)

Cultural difference should be celebrated! Here are a few tips and action steps you can immediately use in your workplace.

2 years ago

Feb 201625

Cultural Quick Tips (Volume 1)

Understanding and embracing our diverse workplace is a powerful (and oftentimes daunting) concept. Cultural difference should be celebrated! Here are a few tips you can immediately use in your workplace.

2 years ago

Feb 201618

Use a Mediator to Help Stalemates

Differences between colleagues may lead to disputes that make it impossible for them to see past their biases, resulting in a conflict or stalemate.

2 years ago

Jan 201621

Honor Unique Contributions

The individual brilliance of an employee is not always realized until a group comes together to collaborate. Working with other employees on diverse teams helps each team member to tap into their creativity, often producing ground breaking products and services that could only be discovered through collaboration.

2 years ago

Jan 201614

Leverage Broad Expertise

Like building a skyscraper, collaboration on large projects works best when you bring together a team with diverse areas of expertise. On-going and continuous collaboration among disciplines helps to ensure that your project achieves all of its goals when it is completed.

2 years ago

Dec 201524

Be Open to How Work Gets Done

Sled dogs such as huskies and malamutes are elite competitors. These dogs perform in harsh winter conditions, love working together as a team, and can travel as far as 100 miles a day. This intense effort requires racing sled dogs to consume 10,000 calories a day.

2 years ago