SafetyBytes® Preventing Ergonomic Disorders: Buy In And Worksite Analysis

SafetyBytes® Preventing Ergonomic Disorders: Buy In And Worksite Analysis

Common symptoms of CTDs include a decreased range of motion, decreased grip strength, swelling of a joint or part of an arm, shoulder, neck, or leg. In this SafetyBytes® module, we’ll discuss the first steps you can take to prevent ergonomic disorders.


Type:eLearning - SafetyBytes® ID:1694 
Course Level:Foundational
Learning Paths:Workplace Safety
Main Topic:Ergonomics
Other Topics:Workplace Safety & Awareness
Competencies:Keeping a Safe Workplace
Suggested Industry Usage:Industrial & Manufacturing, Office & General
Subject:Ergonomic Disorder Prevention
Source Program:Ergonomics: Preventing Cumulative Trauma Disorders
Trainer Comments:Implementing an ergonomic process has been shown to be effective in reducing the risk of developing CTDs in industries as diverse as construction, food processing, office jobs, healthcare, beverage delivery, and warehousing.
Seat Time:5 Minutes
Interactivity:Quick, linear navigation, full video, audible narration.
Licenses:Professional TAG License, ASP Full

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