Got Leadership?™ Respecting Your LGBT Colleagues

Got Leadership?™ Respecting Your LGBT Colleagues

Fostering a team atmosphere includes ensuring all employees are respected for their abilities and their differences. Differences in race, religion, age, ethnic background and sexual orientation add to the diversity of experience each individual brings to the team. This course will give you increased confidence as a manager helping you create a more productive team, with fewer inter-personal conflicts.

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Course Level:Intermediate
Learning Paths:Diversity, Inclusion & Respect, Leadership
Main Topic:Diversity
Other Topics:Leadership, Management, Professionalism, Inclusion, Respect, Teamwork, Gender Identity
Competencies:Fostering Diversity, Inclusion and Respect, Creating a Collaborative Environment
Suggested Industry Usage:Healthcare, Industrial & Manufacturing, Office & General, Retail
Subject:Showing Respect for Others
Source Program:We Need to M.E.E.T.: Managing for Respect in the Workplace™
Trainer Comments:In this course, you'll learn why developing respectful relationships with our LGBT colleagues is beneficial to the organization, and you learned to identify behaviors that are inappropriate, prohibited or illegal.
Seat Time:14 Minutes
Interactivity:Integrated video, branching, audible narration, interactive, post-test.

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