Preventing Retaliation in the Workplace: Recognize. Respond.™ Resolve. (Manager Version)

Preventing Retaliation in the Workplace: Recognize. Respond.™ Resolve. (Manager Version)

Reduce the risk of costly claims by preventing workplace retaliation! This updated course helps inform managers on what retaliation is and why it is important for your organization to put practices in place to avoid this costly complaint.

Type:eLearning - Classic ID:685 
Course Level:Intermediate
Learning Paths:Ethics & Compliance
Main Topic:Compliance
Other Topics:Communication, Harassment, Management, Professionalism
Competencies:Managing Legal Risk
Suggested Industry Usage:Industrial & Manufacturing, Office & General
Subject:Managing Legal Risk
Source Program:Preventing Retaliation in the Workplace: Recognize. Respond. Resolve.™
Trainer Comments:After completing the course, managers will be able to: • Define retaliation in the workplace • Recognize situations that are or have the potential to become retaliatory • Identify common types of overt and subtle retaliatory behavior • Identify the primary negative impacts of retaliation on the organization • Prevent and/or stop retaliation using the model: Recognize. Respond. Resolve.
Diversity Profile:Caucasian male(s), African American male(s), African American female(s), Asian American female(s), Female narrator; Various ages
Seat Time:35 Minutes
Interactivity:Linear navigation, full video, full audio, user interactions

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