PREVAIL!™ Restaurant/Food Service Overview

PREVAIL!™ Restaurant/Food Service Overview

An armed intruder/active shooter event can happen anywhere… even at a restaurant! The tools and training concepts presented in this program will apply to any work environment. So, the key is to focus on the options you have in your workplace – and use the skills & response principles presented to overcome and prevail in an active shooter situation.

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Learning Paths:Ethics & Compliance, Workplace Safety
Main Topic:Armed Intruder/Active Shooter
Other Topics:Workplace Violence Prevention, Workplace Safety & Awareness
Competencies:Develop High-Performing Work Habits, Keeping a Safe Workplace
Suggested Industry Usage:Retail
Subject:Armed Intruder Preparedness & Response for Restaurants
Source Program:PREVAIL!™ Armed Intruder/Active Shooter Training
Trainer Comments:This program includes the following: PREVAIL!™ Restaurant Overview (video), PREVAIL!™ (Dramatic video), PREVAIL!™ Understanding the 3-OUTS™ (video) and a reproducible Self-Study Guide. An active shooter vs. armed robbery situation is also discussed.
Seat Time:60 Minutes

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