Drawing the Line: Creating a Harassment-Free Workplace™ (CA Version)

Drawing the Line: Creating a Harassment-Free Workplace™ (CA Version)

Completely Updated for 2018 Refresher Training! A detailed course on harassment prevention that addresses California AB1825, AB2053 and CA FEHA requirements. This course consists of 12 modules and is designed especially for supervisors & managers. Workplace bullying (abusive conduct) is also discussed and addressed in this course.

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Course Level:Intermediate
Learning Paths:Ethics & Compliance, Leadership
Main Topic:Harassment
Other Topics:Compliance, Management, Sexual Harassment, Discrimination, Abusive Conduct
Competencies:Manage Risk, Ensuring Professional and Compliant Behavior, Creating a Collaborative Environment
Suggested Industry Usage:Healthcare, Industrial & Manufacturing, Office & General, Retail
Subject:Harassment Prevention Training
Source Program:The Right Side of the Line: Creating a Respectful & Harassment-Free Workplace
Trainer Comments:To ensure effectiveness, this program goes beyond basic sexual harassment training to address multiple forms of unacceptable workplace behavior including discrimination, retaliation, bullying and other forms of harassment that may occur in your workplace. Because management has a responsibility to ensure adherence to corporate policies, understanding and enforcing harassment policies is an important part of your job.
Diversity Profile:Caucasian female(s), Caucasian male(s), African American male(s), Asian male(s), Asian female(s), Middle Eastern male(s), Latina female(s); Various ages
Seat Time:Minimum 120 Minutes
Interactivity:Linear navigation, post-assessment, full video, case studies, highly interactive, audible narration.

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