Beyond the Box Activity Binder - eFile

Beyond the Box Activity Binder - eFile

The Beyond the Box Activity Binder (eFile) is full of fun activities and tools designed to be used in conjunction with any of VisionPoint's SMART-START™ videos. Although short in length and time commitment,the activities found in the Beyond the Box Ac

Type:Trainer Resource ID:508 
Learning Paths:Leadership, Personal Performance
Main Topic:Training Support
Other Topics:Training Activities, Training Ideas
Subject:Training Materials
Source Program:Beyond the Box Activity Binder - eFile
Trainer Comments:Whether you are looking for ways to promote your culture,trigger meaningful discussion,assess individual or team development areas,or reinforce organizational priorities and philosophies,you will find the combination of using short videos mixed with fun activities a powerful means to help achieve your goals.
Licenses:Professional TAG License, Standard TAG License, ASP Full

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