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  • Legal Briefs™ Recruiting & Hiring: Program Introduction
    #101 ID:173

    This quick video offers an introduction to common hiring issues and appropriate actions for managers and/or supervisors to take.

    Video Introduction Ethics & Compliance, Leadership Hiring & Recruiting, Compliance, Management

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  • Discipline & Termination: Three Actions for Keeping It Legal
    #102 ID:163

    A quick review of actions and tips that managers can take to keep discipline and termination actions legal.

    Video Summary Ethics & Compliance, Leadership Management, Compliance, Professionalism

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  • You Be the Judge™ II
    #103 ID:2217

    National Best-Seller! Managers within your organization may well understand the importance of avoiding obvious discriminatory interview questions. But what if a manager asks a discriminatory question unintentionally? The principles of legal and effective interviewing are presented in this Law & Order-style program, find out the interview no-no's, side-step the legal landmines, and conduct a fair and effective interview.

    Off-The-Shelf Video Program (ILT) Ethics & Compliance, Leadership Interviewing, Management, Discrimination

  • Documenting Discipline™ II
    #104 ID:2215

    Best-Selling Program! Disciplining employees is one of the most difficult parts of a manager’s job. Documenting performance is essential in correcting performance problems and protecting yourself as a manager. This best-selling program provides steps to ensure solid, consistent documentation procedures throughout your company. Using the FOSA method, managers will possess the tools to effectively and legally address performance issues.

    Off-The-Shelf Video Program (ILT) Ethics & Compliance, Leadership Management, Leading, Problem Resolution

  • Unconscious Bias Is...™
    #105 ID:1631

    Because much of our learning takes place at an unconscious level, we are not aware of the fact that it exists, hence the term “unconscious” bias. By being self-aware and willing to engage with others when bias is unintentionally implied or expressed we can better resolve problems and promote more effective working relationships.

    Discussion Generators Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Respect Unconscious / Hidden Bias, Diversity Dynamics, Inclusion & Equity

  • Johnny the Bagger® A True Story of Customer Service™
    #106 ID:140

    Remastered in 2019! Inspire your workforce to deliver service from the heart. Based on the work of noted author and speaker, Barbara Glanz, this inspiring, best-selling program features the true story of "Johnny," a young man who made a positive choice about his personal responsibility to provide from-the-heart service and changed the culture of an entire organization.

    Off-The-Shelf Video Program (ILT) Personal Performance Customer Service, Communication, Motivation, Interpersonal Skills

  • Being Cooperative and Respectful
    #107 ID:400

    How building rapport, sharing credit and keeping a manager informed creates cooperative and respectful behavior.

    Video Vignettes Personal Performance Professionalism, Communication, Interpersonal Skills, Leadership, Collaboration

  • Sexual Harassment Is...™
    #108 ID:1308

    Sexual harassment is... illegal, costly, debilitating, wrong! This thought-provoking, short video uses impactful imagery, video and music to inspire and stimulate discussion about protecting your employees and organization from sexual harassment.

    Discussion Generators Ethics & Compliance Sexual Harassment, Discussion Trigger, Abusive Conduct, Learning Reinforcement

  • Get the Whole Picture Self-Assessment & Participant Book
    #109 ID:919

    This assessment tool is designed to help you create your own learning objectives on probing into a candidate’s answers in selection interviews. After completion of this workshop you will be able to identify the benefits of the informational probing style, explain five behavior-based probing strategies and demonstrate how to use behavior-based probing techniques.

    Tools & Take Aways Leadership Interviewing, Leadership, Hiring & Recruiting

  • Inclusion Is...™
    #110 ID:2221

    Creating an inclusive work environment that values diversity helps us achieve our organization’s goals – both cultural and financial. This thought-provoking, powerful short video uses impactful imagery, video and music to encourage discussion on the importance of embracing inclusion.

    Discussion Generators Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Respect Inclusion & Equity, Diversity Dynamics, Respect, Learning Reinforcement

  • The Oh Series™ Ethics & Transparency
    #111 ID:2016

    When it comes to price fixing, bid rotation, bribery... your organization has specific policies prohibiting these illegal behaviors. In this program, we'll look at some examples of Sherman Act/DOJ-related ethical situations that can make a person say “OH?...”

    Off-The-Shelf Video Program (ILT) Ethics & Compliance Ethics, Sales, Professionalism, Culture Commitment

  • The Oh Series™ Everyday Workplace Ethics
    #112 ID:2017

    Ethics. It's a small word with a huge impact... both personally and professionally. When we’re faced with a decision that involves right and wrong choices at home or at work, sometimes it's hard to figure out what's the best decision in a given situation.

    Off-The-Shelf Video Program (ILT) Ethics & Compliance Ethics, Professionalism, Culture Commitment

  • Customer Service Is...™
    #113 ID:2172

    What is customer service... really? What does it look like? Why is it important? This thought-provoking, powerful short video uses impactful imagery, video and music to encourage discussion on the importance of serving customers - inside or outside of your organization.

    Discussion Generators Personal Performance Customer Service, Professionalism, Learning Reinforcement

  • You Can't Say Anything
    #114 ID:29

    Conflicts between our obligations to friends and the organization can make decisions difficult; in those situations, we must let the law and the organization’s policy be our guide. Confidential information must always remain confidential.

    Video Vignettes Ethics & Compliance Ethics, Communication, Compliance, Interpersonal Skills, Leadership, Professionalism

  • Article: Selling Your Ideas
    #115 ID:1549

    All we have to do is look into a mirror. I know. It isn’t pleasant to consider that we could be responsible for our lack of success, but there it is. If we have not convinced someone, the onus is still on us to do so. It is not the decision maker’s job to convince him or herself of the idea’s merit.

    Trainer Resource Leadership, Personal Performance Communication, Interpersonal Skills, Discussion Trigger

  • Info Brief: What is Unconscious Bias?
    #116 ID:2113

    Unconscious bias refers to a bias that we are unaware of, and which happens outside of our control. It is a bias that happens automatically and is triggered by our brain making quick decisions from data it gathers and then adding meaning to it. There are a lot of factors that drive unconscious bias.

    Tools & Take Aways Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Respect Unconscious / Hidden Bias, Inclusion & Equity, Respect

  • Welcome to the Real World
    #117 ID:27

    Spreading false information about a competitor to gain an advantage.

    Video Vignettes Ethics & Compliance Ethics, Communication, Compliance, Interpersonal Skills, Leadership, Professionalism

  • What Does She Have That I Don’t? (Employees)
    #118 ID:819

    Vignette shows unwelcome physical behavior such as sitting on a person’s lap, blocking normal work or movement, pats, or pinching.

    Video Vignettes Ethics & Compliance Sexual Harassment, Harassment Prevention

  • Workplace Bullying: The School Principal
    #119 ID:771

    A teacher takes necessary steps. Review Organizational Polices, Document actions and responses, Involve HR or management, Formalize complaint.

    Video Vignettes Ethics & Compliance Abusive Conduct, Communication, Ethics, Harassment Prevention, Professionalism

  • Clarify
    #120 ID:258

    The importance of clarifying how a change impacts everyone differently.

    Video Vignettes Personal Performance Change, Communication, Interpersonal Skills, Leadership, Professionalism