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  • The Business Trip
    #41 ID:654

    Ethical use of an expense account

    Case Studies Ethics & Compliance Ethics, Compliance, Sales & Service, Professionalism

  • Twitter Jitters
    #42 ID:617

    Dealing with employees who disclose confidential information through social media

    Case Studies Leadership Leadership, Communication, Professionalism

  • Article: Full Plate
    #43 ID:1464

    The constant pressure to do more with less can lead to worker burnout. Burnout happens when requests for our time and energy exceed our capacity to comply.

    Trainer Resource Leadership Management, Interpersonal Skills, Professionalism

  • Article: Leading with Heart
    #44 ID:1512

    What does it mean to lead with heart, and why is this important? We see signs all around of us of what happens when we fail to lead with heart. We end up fighting wars…we neglect those in need… we pollute our environment.

    Trainer Resource Leadership Leadership, Communication, Professionalism

  • Four Main Learning Styles (Overview)
    #45 ID:559

    Overview of the four main learning styles: visual, auditory, kinesthetic and conceptual.

    Trainer Resource Leadership Training Support

  • Using Video Vignettes in Training - A Primer
    #46 ID:1454

    By design, video vignettes can be used to support a variety of training needs. Use the following list of sample questions as a starting point to create a set of relevant discussion questions for your particular application.

    Trainer Resource Leadership Training Support

  • Training Certificate of Completion
    #47 ID:1620

    Need a quick, editable training certificate of completion? Look no further! Simply download this Word doc and edit as needed.

    Tools & Take Aways Personal Performance Communication

  • Diversity 101™ An Overview
    #48 ID:1662

    Know what a 'diversity moment' is? How about the power of inclusion in the workplace? Understand the impact of respecting others? This fun video defines key diversity, equity and inclusion terms in a way that everyone will understand.

    Video Vignettes Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Respect Diversity Dynamics, Inclusion & Equity, Respect, Onboarding

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  • The Oh Series™ Everyday Diversity
    #49 ID:2344

    Diversity in today's workplace is a given... and the value of that diversity allows organizations to draw on a fuller range of experiences - allowing them to think more creatively and avoid biased decision-making. But what if that diversity is causing tension? What if inclusion and equity are slow on the uptake? Treating others with respect is paramount to a successful and inclusive workplace.

    Off-The-Shelf Video Program (ILT) Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Respect Inclusion & Equity, Diversity Dynamics, Respect

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  • Interviewing: More Than a Gut Feeling™ (How-To Book)
    #50 ID:2455

    World-Wide Best-Seller! Now you can take the guesswork out of hiring by relying on fair, logical ways to identify the best candidate for a job. This excellent how-to book will help you learn how to use the behavior-based approach to interviewing. By asking questions that probe for past behavior, you will be able to identify the candidate best suited for the job. You’ll also discover tips on how to save an uncomfortable interviewing situation. This How-To Book™ is 96 pages.

    How-To Book Leadership, Personal Performance Interviewing, Management, Hiring & Recruiting

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  • Documenting Discipline (How-To Book)
    #51 ID:2456

    Managers can protect themselves and their organization against legal action - if they get incidents properly documented. This best-selling resource provides steps to ensure solid, consistent documentation procedures throughout the entire organization. You will also learn how to correct performance problems with progressive discipline.

    How-To Book Ethics & Compliance, Leadership Management, Leading, Problem Resolution

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  • Legal Issues for Managers (How-To Book)
    #52 ID:2466

    Employment practices in the United States are governed by a wide variety of federal, state, and local laws. As a manager or supervisor, you must understand these laws so that you can make objective, consistent, and legal decisions. You do not have to be an expert on every aspect of every employment law, but you do have to know enough to recognize when you need to seek help from a human resources professional or legal counsel.

    How-To Book Ethics & Compliance, Leadership Compliance, Leadership, Management

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  • Mentoring For Success (How-To Book)
    #53 ID:2465

    In order for businesses to survive and remain competitive, they must respond to this changing environment. As Tom Peters observes in Thriving on Chaos, “Excellent firms don’t believe in excellence—only in constant improvement and constant change.” As part of their response to change, successful organizations seek ways to support and foster employee growth and development. Managers are developing skills to facilitate this process. They are acting as mentors to their employees. Coworkers and other employees with company experience and skills are also offering their services as mentors to less-experienced employees.

    How-To Book Leadership, Personal Performance Coaching & Mentoring, Interpersonal Skills, Leading

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  • Stopping Sexual Harassment Before It Starts (How-To Book)
    #54 ID:2464

    Sexual harassment is one of the most complex workplace issues of our time. It is at once a legal issue, an emotional issue, a civil rights issue, and a very personal issue. It can be both easy to define and impossible to define. It can result from innocent actions or from criminal behavior. It can take place in a few seconds or require several years to develop. It can be a very public matter or an extremely private issue. But one thing is clear about sexual harassment. It must be taken seriously by all employers. Large and small organizations across the United States are being held accountable for incidents of sexual harassment.

    How-To Book Ethics & Compliance Sexual Harassment, Harassment Prevention, Abusive Conduct

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  • White Guys Need Not Apply!
    #55 ID:2496

    It's easy to see how the focus on diversity, equity and inclusion has caused some white men to believe they have fewer opportunities. But the fact is that laws on fairness and equity apply equally to everyone. Efforts on the part of organizations to expand their race, gender, and ethnic diversity can’t legally, unfairly disadvantage any group. White males are protected by these same laws and have the same rights as everyone else.

    Video Vignettes Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Respect Inclusion & Equity, Micro-Inequities/Micro-Aggressions, Racial Equity

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  • TrainingBytes® Preparing for the Post-Pandemic Workplace™
    #56 ID:2419

    Due to the recent pandemic, organizations are navigating a broad range of issues that span from keeping their employees and customers safe to re-configuring business operations and getting things to a 'new' normal. This short video program is a great introduction to what employees might see in the post-pandemic workplace.

    TrainingBytes® Personal Performance Communication, Onboarding, Reducing Stress (Work & Life)

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  • TrainingBytes® Telecommuting Tips & Tricks
    #57 ID:2391

    Working from home is great on so many levels. But there are a whole new set of challenges, too. How do you keep from getting distracted when domestic duties call? How do you handle a family member who stops by unannounced in the middle of the day? How do you get anything done if you have kids around? This video provides a few quick tips for successfully navigating the pitfalls of telecommuting.

    TrainingBytes® Personal Performance Personal Improvement, Communication, Interpersonal Skills

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  • TrainingBytes® Stressed Out? Tips to Get Relief
    #58 ID:2396

    Stress is the body's reaction to any change that requires an adjustment or response. The body reacts to these changes with physical, mental, and emotional responses. In simple terms, stress occurs when something is impacting us… mostly based on the fear of the unknown. Stress is a part of life – both at work and at home. Tackling it head-on is the best way to overcome the negative results of stress!

    TrainingBytes® Personal Performance Reducing Stress (Work & Life)

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  • Wanna Get Us All Sick?
    #59 ID:2415

    Social distancing policies and standards within the workplace are essential to protecting employees from possibly getting sick. Employees most likely will continue to maintain a six-foot distance from others and otherwise observe social distancing in the workplace as work duties permit. Also, there might need to be a limit to the total number of workers in a workspace (based on square footage) and a limit to the number of people in conference rooms, workstations, etc.

    Video Vignettes Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Respect Respect, Inclusion & Equity, Workplace Safety & Awareness, Onboarding

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  • If You Change Your Mind…
    #60 ID:2260

    Our working relationships are complicated for all kinds of reasons. That's why we really have to know where the lines are when it comes to managing our interactions with co workers, customers, and vendors. Take the unwanted pursuit of a relationship. It doesn't make any difference where it comes from a manager, a coworker, a vendor or a customer unwanted pursuit could be considered illegal harassment and simply can't be a part of the workplace.

    Video Vignettes Ethics & Compliance Harassment Prevention, Compliance, Onboarding, Workplace Civility

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