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  • The Good Tipper (Employees)
    #21 ID:826

    Not much doubt that this kind of behavior – comments and touching of a sexual nature - is severe and unwelcome. But if the offender is a customer - can a claim be made? Absolutely.

    Video Vignettes Ethics & Compliance Sexual Harassment, Harassment Prevention

  • The Invitation
    #22 ID:281

    Impact of an employee's potential promotion being dependent on agreeing to go out on a date with their supervisor.

    Video Vignettes Ethics & Compliance Harassment Prevention, Communication, Compliance

  • There’s Always Potential
    #23 ID:847

    This vignette tackles the issue of presenting facts (company performance, etc.) in the best possible light - even though the facts might not be as good as presented. Many people can be impacted, especially shareholders.

    Video Vignettes Ethics & Compliance Ethics, Compliance

  • Up and Down (Employees)
    #24 ID:821

    This vignette shows an employee stares, looks at co-workers up and down, makes derogatory gestures, or other suggestive looks that are sexually suggestive.

    Video Vignettes Ethics & Compliance Sexual Harassment, Harassment Prevention

  • Walk It!
    #25 ID:1839

    Once you have determined where you’re going (dreaming it), the next step is to determine how you’re going to get there. You will need to break your goal into manageable sized tasks. These tasks will help keep you focused and moving forward. This video will help users think in terms of milestones so that they can measure your progress along the way.

    Video Vignettes Personal Performance Motivation, Change, Communication

  • Warning Lights
    #26 ID:125

    How joking and insensitive remarks about pregnancy can constitute harassment.

    Video Vignettes Ethics & Compliance Harassment Prevention, Compliance, Professionalism

  • What Could Have I Done Differently?
    #27 ID:1877

    It's usually not just one thing... employees leave for all sorts of reason. But there are opportunities to retain the best employees... even in a competitive market.

    Video Vignettes Leadership Management, Leadership, Assessing Performance

  • What Should I Do First?
    #28 ID:369

    Effectively managing shifting priorities.

    Video Vignettes Personal Performance Professionalism, Change, Motivation

  • Where Are the Drop Cloths?
    #29 ID:115

    Handling interruptions effectively; putting your focus on the customer even when you're busy.

    Video Vignettes Personal Performance Customer Service, Communication, Interpersonal Skills, Professionalism

  • A Leader Is...™
    #30 ID:1803

    Being a leader is much more than directing others. This thought-provoking, powerful short video uses impactful imagery, video and music to inform and encourage discussion on being an effective, passionate and inclusive leader within your group, team or organization.

    Discussion Generators Leadership Leadership, Motivation, Learning Reinforcement

  • Employment Law Is...™
    #31 ID:1397

    The decisions you make and the actions you take can cost you and your organization — big time! This thought-provoking, powerful short video uses impactful imagery, video and music to inspire and stimulate discussion about legal issues within your organization.

    Discussion Generators Ethics & Compliance Compliance, Management, Professionalism

  • How Are We Doing?
    #32 ID:551

    Quick gap evaluation of skills related to a training topic

    Activities Leadership, Personal Performance Evaluation, Discussion Trigger, Assessment

  • I Feel...
    #33 ID:552

    Allows for personal assessment and reflection on the training topic at hand.

    Activities Personal Performance Communication, Assessment, Conflict Resolution

  • Looking Back
    #34 ID:555

    Quick activity to link past training to future lessons.

    Activities Personal Performance Training Support, Discussion Trigger, Retention Aid

  • Primer: Abusive Conduct (Bullying) Defined
    #35 ID:1713

    This short white paper provides background and definition to abusive conduct/bullying in the workplace.

    Activities Ethics & Compliance Abusive Conduct, Compliance

  • Stand Up!
    #36 ID:1416

    This energizer is intended to refocus participants for continued learning. Use any one of the various Sollah Interactive short video programs (a SMART-START™ or meeting opener).

    Activities Leadership, Personal Performance Energizer, Training Support

  • Team Spark: Proverb - Work With What You Have
    #37 ID:1612

    Spark team communication on being creative and getting the job done with limited resources.

    Activities Personal Performance Change

  • Three Actions: Managing to Get It Right
    #38 ID:201

    Reviews the appropriate actions to handle workplace privacy.

    Video Summary Ethics & Compliance, Leadership Management, Compliance, Professionalism

  • Winter Walking™ Program Conclusion
    #39 ID:1892

    Whether walking outside on snowy or icy paths (or even walking inside just after being outside) can be tricky. If you do fall, there are techniques that will lessen the risk of being injured.

    Video Summary Workplace Safety Winter Safety

  • Recruiting a New Member
    #40 ID:466

    Asking an existing employee to take on a mentoring role for a new employee.

    Case Studies Leadership, Personal Performance Leadership, Communication, Interpersonal Skills, Professionalism