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  • Diversity 101™ (eLearning Classic)
    #1 ID:1787

    Based on the national best-selling program, M.E.E.T. Breaking New Ground™, Diversity 101™ takes a fun, creative and interactive approach to describing the core components of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. This powerful, new course features 8 dramatic, thought-provoking vignettes that entertain while tackling deep diversity, inclusion and respect topics.

    eLearning - Classic Diversity, Inclusion & Respect Respect, Diversity, Inclusion, Onboarding, Unconscious / Hidden Bias, Micro-Inequities, Gender Identity, Workplace Civility, Cultural Competency Foundational 45 Minutes

  • M.E.E.T.: Breaking New Ground™ - eLearning Classic
    #2 ID:1267

    Tackling the 'hard to discuss' issues of respect, inclusion and diversity in the workplace, the eLearning program will provide your employees with the tools they need to understand and manage their behavior as it relates to others in the workplace.

    eLearning - Classic Diversity, Inclusion & Respect Diversity, Inclusion, Respect, Unconscious / Hidden Bias, Micro-Inequities, Workplace Civility, Cultural Competency Foundational 40 - 50 Minutes

  • Conflict Clock™ - eLearning Classic
    #3 ID:1477

    Conflict with another person can create stress – the kind of stress that can lead to a response that makes the problem worse, rather than better. This course was designed to help all employees respond to workplace conflicts successfully! Benefits include: reduced stress and frustration, increased effectiveness, more respect and recognition and increased job and personal satisfaction.

    eLearning - Classic Personal Performance Conflict Resolution, Change, Communication, Interpersonal Skills, Professionalism Foundational 35 Minutes

  • Mentoring 201™ The Next Steps for Success (eLearning Classic)
    #4 ID:2125

    Mentoring 201 takes a closer look at some key elements of the mentor/mentee partnership. This course covers the following key points for a meaningful mentoring partnership: planning for a successful discussion, setting goals, identifying career paths and establishing development needs.

    eLearning - Classic Leadership, Personal Performance Coaching & Mentoring, Communication, Interpersonal Skills, Leadership, Collaboration Intermediate 25 Minutes

  • PREVAIL!® The 3-OUT Approach to Workplace Safety (eLearning Classic)
    #5 ID:2138

    Training INCREASES our ability to take appropriate action. It gives us a greater sense of preparedness, which will help with anxiety and stress levels - especially during violent situation. It helps us prevail! This course – and the videos you will watch during the training - are very realistic. You’ll see an armed intruder, weapons fired, injuries… and fear in each character as they do correct things…and some incorrect ones… when in an armed intruder situation.

    eLearning - Classic Workplace Safety Workplace Violence Prevention, Workplace Safety & Awareness, Armed Intruder/Active Shooter Foundational 40 Minutes

  • Conflict 101™ (eLearning Classic)
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    If you're like most people... you never really give much thought to conflict... you just deal with it. You either fight...take flight or...simply freeze. In other words, you argue or yell your way through it... avoid it all together... or you just don't know what to say or do. Conflict is simply a part of life - and that's especially true in the workplace. Conflict 101™ is the perfect program to cut through the nonsense and get straight to the point of conflict resolution.

    eLearning - Classic Leadership, Personal Performance Conflict Resolution, Communication, Interpersonal Skills, Leadership, Professionalism Foundational 35 Minutes

  • Courage 2 Coach™ - (eLearning Classic)
    #7 ID:1729

    Effective coaching is the single most important factor in employee development today. Courage 2 Coach™ turns common sense into common practice with a four-step process that can be applied to any employee performance situation. This course walks each user through a realistic range of tough employee performance situations make this program ideal for organizations committed to supervisory success.

    eLearning - Classic Leadership, Personal Performance Coaching & Mentoring, Change, Communication, Interpersonal Skills, Management, Professionalism Foundational 35 - 40 Minutes

  • Mentoring 101™ – The Basics (eLearning Classic)
    #8 ID:1776

    A mentor is someone who provides guidance to a less-experienced employee. A mentor may be another employee or even a professional from outside of the company. Regardless of the structure, mentors are role models who shares knowledge and advice to help the mentee grow professionally.

    eLearning - Classic Leadership, Personal Performance Coaching & Mentoring, Communication, Interpersonal Skills, Leadership, Collaboration Foundational 20 Minutes

  • Bury My Heart in Conference Room B™ (eLearning Classic)
    #9 ID:1820

    Many feel they can manage, but few were born to lead! Leadership is the key! But... there is more methodology, misdirection and generalized academic babble about the concept of leadership than almost any business subject out there. This course tackles the myths of leadership!

    eLearning - Classic Leadership Leadership, Change, Communication, Management, Leading Foundational 40 Minutes

  • Good People, Bad Choices - eLearning Classic
    #10 ID:1277

    The eLearning course is a guide to ethical decision-making and provides an excellent vehicle for discussion based training that includes such topics as confidential information, gift giving, financial accountability, copyright infringement and more.

    eLearning - Classic Ethics & Compliance Ethics, Compliance, Professionalism, Onboarding Foundational 40 Minutes

  • Motivation: Dream it. Walk it. Believe it.™ (eLearning Classic)
    #11 ID:929

    While numerous books, programs and articles talk about goal setting and motivation, most people still don't know where to begin. They need a simple, real-world and practical approach they can apply to all aspects of their lives. This program delivers the approach. Using this program, employees discover what motivates them and how to use that knowledge to set individual goals.

    eLearning - Classic Personal Performance Motivation, Change, Communication, Professionalism Foundational 30 Minutes

  • Once Upon a Leader™ - eLearning Classic
    #12 ID:1071

    The majority of challenges calling for leadership are everyday situations in our professional and personal lives. This new eLearning course delves into these challenges and how to overcome them.

    eLearning - Classic Leadership Leadership, Interpersonal Skills, Management, Professionalism Foundational 25-30 Minutes

  • The Courage to Coach™ for Retail (eLearning Classic)
    #13 ID:1818

    The Courage to Coach™ for Retail is designed to help you, as a manager, recognize the most common workplace coaching situations, get the situation under control and on the right track and effectively coach your employees to increase performance. The course will provide you with the skills necessary to directly address a common fear among managers—how to coach an employee when the employee doesn’t want to be coached.

    eLearning - Classic Leadership Coaching & Mentoring, Change, Communication, Management, Professionalism, Conflict Resolution Foundational 30-40 Minutes

  • Whale Done!™ in Action (eLearning Classic)
    #14 ID:702

    Transform your organization with the power of positive relationships

    eLearning - Classic Leadership Leadership, Communication, Interpersonal Skills, Leadership, Sales & Service, Professionalism Foundational 30 - 45 minutes

  • Open Mind, Open World: Improving Intercultural Interactions™  eLearning Classic
    #15 ID:898

    The Classic version of this Open Mind, Open World is a self-study program designed to help you improve your global mindset and communication skills as you interact with others from different cultural backgrounds.

    eLearning - Classic Diversity, Inclusion & Respect, Personal Performance Communication, Sales, Interpersonal Skills, Professionalism Intermediate 45 Minutes

  • We Need to M.E.E.T.™: Managing for Respect in the Workplace - eLearning Classic
    #16 ID:672

    This eLearning course is designed to help you learn how to recognize, respond to and resolve day-to-day workplace situations to promote a respectful and inclusive working environment.

    eLearning - Classic Diversity, Inclusion & Respect Diversity, Compliance, Interpersonal Skills, Management, Professionalism, Inclusion, Respect, Cultural Competency Intermediate 30 - 45 minutes

  • L.E.A.D. with Integrity™: Promoting a Culture of Ethical Conduct and Compliance - eLearning Classic
    #17 ID:682

    How do you turn a Code of Conduct into a living, breathing part of your organization? Enlist the active, committed involvement of every leader! This eLearning course helps managers and supervisors step up to the daily task of promoting ethical conduct and ensuring compliance.

    eLearning - Classic Ethics & Compliance Ethics, Communication, Compliance, Interpersonal Skills, Leadership, Management, Professionalism Intermediate 30 - 45 minutes

  • Managing Generations: M.E.E.T. for Respect in the Workplace™ - eLearning Classic
    #18 ID:676

    With four generations now active in the workforce, leaders are faced with managing an array of misunderstandings, frustrations and conflicts that can put pressure on productivity. To be effective, leaders need a better grasp of how generational differences impact working relationships and how to manage appropriately for results.

    eLearning - Classic Diversity, Inclusion & Respect Diversity, Communication, Compliance, Interpersonal Skills, Management, Professionalism, Unconscious / Hidden Bias, Micro-Inequities, Generational Challenges Intermediate 30 - 45 minutes

  • Peer Today, Boss Tomorrow™: Navigating Your Changing Role (eLearning Classic)
    #19 ID:678

    Help new managers promoted from within get up to speed fast. This course presents four proven strategies that will help new supervisors navigate changing relationships and prepare for the most difficult situations they’re likely to encounter as they assume their new role. Key strategies, activities and practical suggestions make this program an excellent choice for organizations that promote from within or train new supervisors regularly.

    eLearning - Classic Leadership Management, Communication, Interpersonal Skills, Leadership, Professionalism, New Supervisor, Onboarding Foundational 30 - 45 minutes

  • WorkSmarts™: How to Get Along, Get Noticed and Get Ahead - eLearning Classic
    #20 ID:795

    Success isn’t just about the job you do—it’s also about how you do it. Communicating effectively, working well with others, staying positive and flexible in the face of change —these are essentials for helping new employees become productive as quickly as possible.

    eLearning - Classic Personal Performance Professionalism, Communication, Interpersonal Skills, Leadership Foundational 30 Minutes