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  • Case Study & Branching Exercise: Goal Setting (Manager)
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    You are a new manager in the organization. A few weeks ago, you asked your employees to begin thinking about individual and department goals for the next year. When you reviewed their submitted goals, you were disappointed by the general lack of enthusiasm and creativity of the group. What do you do? Kick start a great discussion with this case study and branching exercise.

    Case Studies Leadership Goals and Goal Setting, Leadership, Management, Discussion Trigger, Leading, Learning Reinforcement

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  • Article: Goals and New Year’s Resolutions
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    What are your hopes and dreams for the New Year? Maybe you’re like a friend of mine whose resolution is that she won’t have any resolutions. I recommend this for those of you who think last year was akin to spending eternity atop a treadmill set on warp speed. Maybe you need a break from resolutions.

    Trainer Resource Personal Performance Motivation, Communication, Motivation, Goals and Goal Setting

  • Goal Setting for Leaders: An Advantage eLearning Course
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    Learners of this eLearning course will: 1) Understand the importance of goal setting; 2) Identify specific areas that require goal setting; 3) Learn how to write SMART Goals: 4) Identify ways to provide feedback that will aid team members in accomplishing their goals.

    eLearning - Advantage Leadership Leadership, Collaboration, Goals and Goal Setting Advanced 35 Minutes

  • Team Spark: Proverb - Short-term Investments Result in Long Term Gains
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    Spark team communication on how to balance our short and long term objectives (at the organization or project level).

    Activities Personal Performance Goals and Goal Setting, Communication, Team Builder, Discussion Trigger

  • TrainingBriefs™ Behaviors for Success
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    New Micro-Learning! The behaviors we display at work can help you… get a promotion, succeed on projects, meet goals, and just generally enable you to enjoy your job more. By the end of this module, you’ll be able to identify the common behaviors of successful employees.

    eLearning - TrainingBriefs™ Personal Performance Professionalism, Communication, Motivation, Interpersonal Skills, Collaboration, Goals and Goal Setting, Learning Reinforcement Foundational 5 Minutes

  • Motivation: Dream it. Walk it. Believe it.™ Program Conclusion
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    There is nothing stopping us from beginning our journey. Remember to reassess from time to time what it is you want and where you are going. Because we change - our goals can change. It is important to ask yourself along the this still what I want? And, if so, do I still want it for the same reasons?

    Video Summary Personal Performance Motivation, Change, Goals and Goal Setting

  • Article: Mortgaging the Future
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    Goals are mostly a good thing, but what happens when personal or corporate goals mortgage the future for short-term gain? At what point do we recognize the folly and re-think our strategy?

    Trainer Resource Leadership, Personal Performance Change, Leadership, Discussion Trigger, Goals and Goal Setting