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  • Got Sales?™ Communication
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    Communication is the core one-on-one verbal and written skill a sales person must have to successfully complete customer interactions. This includes telephone, face-to-face conversation skills, and simple writing tasks such as composing an email. Listening skills are also a part of communication. By the end of this course, you will be able to identify the importance of communication, and the techniques for effective communication.

    eLearning - LearningBytes® Personal Performance Communication & Influencing, Sales, Sales & Service, Customer Service Foundational 25 Minutes

  • TrainingBriefs™ The Tough Conversation
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    New Micro-Learning! When differences get in the way of peer-to-peer relationships at work, everyone loses. The challenge is that we sometimes expect people to see things the same way we do. And when they don't, we get frustrated, we get angry, or we just get fed up and walk away.

    eLearning - TrainingBriefs™ Personal Performance Communication & Influencing, Conflict Resolution, Problem Resolution Foundational 6 Minutes

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  • Discussion Card: Nonverbal Communication
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    Did you know that 55% of communication with others happens without words? That means your body language is key in your daily conversations. These easy-to-use cards provide a simple model (W.A.T.C.H.) along with thought-provoking questions to help learners understand the importance of nonverbal communication - helping leaders, managers and supervisors address individual or team issues. These cards are great for a quick training reminder, reinforcement or as a conversation generator.

    Discussion Cards Leadership, Personal Performance Communication, Teamwork, Leading, Training Activities, Communication & Influencing, Learning Reinforcement

  • TrainingBriefs™ Active Listening
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    New Micro-Learning! You may be hearing someone during a conversation, but are you really listening? Are you actively listening? Active listening simply means being deeply engaged in and attentive to what the speaker is saying... as it requires more listening than talking.

    eLearning - TrainingBriefs™ Personal Performance Communication, Interpersonal Skills, Communication & Influencing, Learning Reinforcement Foundational 5 Minutes

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  • Fearless Facilitation!™ How to Lead Effective Meetings
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    Turn ineffective meetings into highly productive sessions! Fearless Facilitators expertly foster participation and make any group session more productive.

    eLearning - Classic Leadership, Personal Performance Communication, Communication, Interpersonal Skills, Leadership, Professionalism, Communication & Influencing, Onboarding Intermediate

  • Life IS a Series of Presentations™: Inspire, Inform & Influence. Anytime, Anywhere.
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    The process of transmitting information from one mind to the minds of others is a very complex process. This course simplifies the process through the P.O.I.N.T. model. The model prescribes a series of steps to follow that enable participants to inspire, inform and influence others confidently and persuasively.

    eLearning - Classic Personal Performance Communication, Communication, Interpersonal Skills, Sales & Service, Professionalism, Communication & Influencing Foundational 30 - 45 minutes

  • The Oh Series™ Everyday Ethics - The Complete Series
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    We are all faced with making decisions every day. Some are large and some are small. When we’re faced with a decision that involves right and wrong choices at home or at work, sometimes it's hard to figure out what's the best decision in a given situation. It’s important to remember that some of those decisions can result in actions that have major consequences - for the organization, our customers and for ourselves.

    Off-The-Shelf Video Programs Ethics & Compliance Ethics, Communication, Compliance, Professionalism, Discussion Trigger, Communication & Influencing, Onboarding

  • TrainingBriefs™ Responding to Change with Integrity
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    New Micro-Learning! Appreciating change can be very complex, though. And we must acknowledge that how we respond to change has an impact on how things will unfold for us, and those around us. After giving some consideration to your reactions to a specific change, and the probable reasons for your reactions, there are really only four choices for how to respond to change.

    eLearning - TrainingBriefs™ Personal Performance Change, Communication & Influencing, Learning Reinforcement Intermediate 9 Minutes

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  • M.E.E.T. Zero Tolerance™: Enforcing Zero Tolerance with Fairness and Respect
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    Enforce zero-tolerance policies with fairness and respect. Although most zero-tolerance policies seem pretty clear, when the human dynamic is added to the equation, the solution may no longer be so clear cut. This makes the manager’s job of enforcing the policy much more challenging. This course is designed to show how to enforce zero-tolerance situations at work while maintaining fairness, equity and respect for all employees.

    eLearning - Classic Diversity, Inclusion & Respect Diversity, Communication, Harassment, Leadership, Professionalism, Culture Commitment, Conflict Resolution, Communication & Influencing Intermediate 30 - 45 minutes

  • A Real Team Player...Not
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    Dealing with a dysfunctional team member. It's tough when a coworker doesn't want to be a team player. There are ways to address issues and get things back on track.

    Video Vignettes Personal Performance Interpersonal Skills, Change, Communication, Interpersonal Skills, Professionalism, Communication & Influencing

  • Clarify Goals and Identify Concerns
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    The importance of knowing what you want to achieve in order to solve problems.

    Video Vignettes Personal Performance Interpersonal Skills, Change, Communication, Leadership, Communication & Influencing

  • Got Sales?™ Value Proposition
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    A value proposition is the evidence a salesperson presents that demonstrates what the customer will receive exceeds the cost of the solution. Think of the value proposition as an old-fashioned scale; the benefits of the solution must outweigh the costs.

    eLearning - LearningBytes® Personal Performance Sales & Service, Sales, Selling, Communication & Influencing, Customer Service Foundational 25 Minutes

  • Kindness Is...™
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    Kindness is a virtue. You might have heard that saying before. It's especially true when working, serving or managing others. Based on the work of Barbara Glanz, Hall of Fame Speaker, this thought-provoking, powerful short video uses impactful imagery, video and music to encourage discussion on the importance of being kind and civil to one another.

    Discussion Generators Personal Performance Interpersonal Skills, Communication, Professionalism, Culture Commitment, Communication & Influencing, Customer Service, Learning Reinforcement

  • The Oh Series™ Everyday Ethics: What's the Bottom Line?
    #14 ID:1961

    We’re all faced with difficult and challenging situations. As we saw, it’s not always easy doing the right thing. And that’s why we need to do our best in making RIGHT decisions.

    Video Summary Ethics & Compliance Ethics, Compliance, Professionalism, Discussion Trigger, Communication & Influencing

  • The Oh Series™ Everyday Ethics: Program Introduction
    #15 ID:1960

    Ethical decisions creep up on us... sometimes daily. Using this program, you’ll not only be aware of and be able to recognize ‘sticky’ situations that can cause problems; you’ll be better prepared to do the right thing.

    Video Introduction Ethics & Compliance Ethics, Communication, Compliance, Professionalism, Communication & Influencing, Onboarding

  • I Wish My Manager Would Just...™
    #16 ID:455

    Employees speaking out about what their managers could do to help them be successful. A fantastic look into what employees are really thinking about their manager/supervisor relationship.

    Off-The-Shelf Video Programs Leadership Leadership, Change, Communication, Motivation, Professionalism, Teamwork, Collaboration, Communication & Influencing

  • Win the S.A.L.E.™: Putting it All Together
    #17 ID:778

    Designed for service and support professionals, this program contains powerful, comprehensive training that educates and inspires employees with limited sales experience, enabling them to strengthen your organization's sales performance, top-to-bottom.

    eLearning - Classic Personal Performance Sales & Service, Communication, Sales & Service, Professionalism, Coaching & Mentoring, Selling, Communication & Influencing Foundational 25 minutes

  • The Extraordinary Leader: Going from Good to Great™ - eLearning
    #18 ID:705

    In a world growing increasingly complex, there is an urgent need for leaders at every level and in every organization. The need is for leaders who are prized because of contributions they make to their organizations, the role models they present and the elevated standards of performance they set. The Extraordinary Leader is a course designed to help leaders develop competencies needed to produce extraordinary results in their organizations.

    eLearning - Classic Leadership Leadership, Change, Communication, Motivation, Interpersonal Skills, Management, Professionalism, Coaching & Mentoring, Collaboration, Communication & Influencing Intermediate 30 - 45 minutes