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  • Diversity Trainer Assessment
    #1 ID:558

    Use to assess comfort level and skill level of trainers for the often sensitive topic of diversity.

    Trainer Resource Diversity, Inclusion & Respect Diversity

  • Navigating Change Self-Assessment
    #2 ID:1547

    A simple self-assessment to trigger discussion around key change concepts.

    Trainer Resource Personal Performance Change, Interpersonal Skills

  • Supervisory Strength Assessment
    #3 ID:1537

    A very useful tool for assessing the relevant skills of your supervisors. This toll can also be used as a self-assessment or 360 degree assessment. The tool can be customized per your workplace needs.

    Trainer Resource Leadership Management, Leadership, Discussion Trigger, Assessment

  • Training Evaluation and Assessment Forms
    #4 ID:930

    This package of downloadable forms makes assessing your next training session a breeze. There are over 10 ready-to-use forms including a pre-assessment, post-assessment, gap assessment and so many more!

    Trainer Resource Leadership, Personal Performance Training Support, Evaluation, Training Activities

  • Ready. Set. CHANGE! Online Assessment
    #5 ID:921

    Designed to reveal predominant behavior when interacting with others and responding to change, this highly-recommended online social styles assessment tool is designed to align with and enhance learning in the Ready. Set. CHANGE! program.

    Tools & Take Aways Personal Performance Change, Communication, Interpersonal Skills, Leadership, Professionalism

  • How Are We Doing?
    #6 ID:551

    Quick gap evaluation of skills related to a training topic

    Activities Leadership, Personal Performance Evaluation, Discussion Trigger, Assessment

  • Paths to Success
    #7 ID:547

    Focus on goal-setting for the training session

    Activities Leadership, Personal Performance Motivation, Team Builder, Discussion Trigger, Assessment

  • Diversity Awareness Worksheet
    #8 ID:1445

    The worksheet has a series of questions and columns representing dimensions of diversity. Participants mark the most appropriate category for each question; then they are asked questions about their selections.

    Activities Diversity, Inclusion & Respect Diversity, Inclusion, Discussion Trigger, Training Support, Assessment, Retention Aid, Unconscious / Hidden Bias

  • I Feel...
    #9 ID:552

    Allows for personal assessment and reflection on the training topic at hand.

    Activities Personal Performance Communication, Assessment, Conflict Resolution

  • Leadership Perspectives
    #10 ID:1546

    A quick and easy retrospective on what leadership might mean to you - and how you can apply it in your daily work-life situations. Several leadership quotes and a Q&A is included.

    Trainer Resource Leadership, Communication, Interpersonal Skills, Professionalism, Discussion Trigger, Assessment

  • Supplemental Training Module: High-Performance Principles
    #11 ID:1801

    A high performer in our organization is someone who comes into work every day and consistently exhibits: Integrity, Respect, Initiative, Confidence and Purpose. The bottom line for any individual in any organization is to deliver results. This supplemental/debrief training session will help your organization achieve results by developing the knowledge and skills of the greatest asset the organization has — your employees.

    Trainer Resource Personal Performance Discussion Trigger, Coaching & Mentoring, Assessment, Personal Improvement

  • Discussion Card: PREVAIL!® (3-OUT Response Model)
    #12 ID:2012

    These durable, easy-to-use cards reinforce the PREVAIL!® Response Model (LOCK OUT | GET OUT | TAKE OUT) along with a 30 second "OUT" assessment. These conversation-starting cards can be distributed for a reminder or conversation starter or even a post-training reminder. This card is intended to reinforce active shooter/intruder response training.

    Discussion Cards Ethics & Compliance, Workplace Safety Armed Intruder/Active Shooter, Compliance, Discussion Trigger, Workplace Violence Prevention, Learning Reinforcement

  • SafetyBytes® - Hazard Class 3 - Flammable and Combustible Liquids
    #13 ID:1316

    Hazardous materials emergency response begins with hazard recognition, determining the identity of the materials involved, their hazard class, combined hazards, as well as an overall assessment of the on scene conditions. In this SafetyBytes® module, we will discuss Hazard Class 3: Flammable and Combustible Liquids.

    eLearning - SafetyBytes® Workplace Safety Handling Hazardous Materials, Workplace Safety & Awareness Intermediate 5 Minutes

  • Let's T.A.L.K.™ - Program Conclusion/T.A.L.K. Model Review
    #14 ID:216

    Review of the key strategies for positive and productive performance reviews. Provides insight on the powerful T.A.L.K. model - reinforcing how to use it effectively.

    Video Summary Leadership Leadership, Communication, Interpersonal Skills, Professionalism

  • Customizable Workshop Evaluation
    #15 ID:560

    Use this template to create a level 1 post-training evaluation

    Trainer Resource Leadership, Personal Performance Training Support

  • Training Triage: Prioritizing Needs for the High-Performing Workforce
    #16 ID:726

    Perspective paper on the topic of workplace competencies

    Trainer Resource Leadership Leadership, Change, Motivation, Management