The First 30 Seconds: The Safe Use of Fire Extinguishers

The First 30 Seconds: The Safe Use of Fire Extinguishers

The first thirty seconds after discovering a fire is critical. Within those few moments a decision to fight a fire must be made and knowing when to fight and when to flee can mean the difference between life and death. The program describes how to best use an extinguisher and when not to use it.

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Type:Off-The-Shelf Safety Video Program (ILT)
Learning Path:Workplace Safety
Main Topic:Fire Safety
Other Topics:Workplace Safety & Awareness
Competencies:Keeping a Safe Workplace
Suggested Industry Usage:Industrial & Manufacturing, Office & General
Available Formats:DVD, USB, Interactive eLearning, Streaming Video & Vignettes
Subject:Using Fire Extinguishers
Source Program:Stand Alone
Trainer Comments:The PASS procedure (Pull the pin; Aim low; Squeeze the handle; and Sweep from side-to-side) is demonstrated. Knowing when not to fight a fire is just as important as knowing when and how. Fire size-up questions are explained to lead the viewer through this critical aspect of safe fire extinguisher use. Class A, B, C, and D fires and their appropriate extinguishing agents are described. Various extinguishers are demonstrated in fire situations.

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