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Quick activity to link past training to future lessons.

Hiring good employees is never easy. Managers and their organizations must also focus on strategies for keeping their best employees on the job. This program focuses on how to keep your best employees loyal to your organization.

#1 ID:805 Topic: Hiring Learning Path: Leadership Type: Complete Programs Industry Settings: Industrial & Manufacturing, Office & General Other Topics: Management, Retention Aid, New Supervisor Seat Time: 24 Minutes

Every organization wants to keep its good employees. And employees who are productive, satisfied and valued in their jobs will generally stay put! How do you know if your employee is achieving those personal objectives? Again, take time. Time for getting his or her feedback.

#2 ID:1880 Topic: Management Learning Path: Leadership Type: Video Vignettes Industry Settings: Healthcare, Office & General, Retail Other Topics: Leadership, Retention Aid, Hiring, Assessing Performance

Most of the time, employees find rewards and recognition more motivating than money. As a matter of fact, it has been found that an employee is more likely to leave an organization because he or she did not receive adequate recognition.

#3 ID:1881 Topic: Management Learning Path: Leadership Type: Video Vignettes Industry Settings: Healthcare, Office & General, Retail Other Topics: Leadership, Retention Aid, Assessing Performance

To be satisfied with their jobs, employees want and need to have a clear idea of what is expected from them. Performance expectations can be an employee’s role in the organization, a specific result to be achieved or goals to accomplish.

#4 ID:1879 Topic: Management Learning Path: Leadership Type: Video Vignettes Industry Settings: Healthcare, Office & General, Retail Other Topics: Leadership, Retention Aid, Assessing Performance

Keeping the best employees means you need to help them succeed! That takes effort and desire on your part. Desire to give feedback - both good and critical... and encouragement.

This activity and worksheet helps facilitate the exploration and discussing of participants’ definitions of respect and the importance of respect.

Great meeting opener or training ice breaker for generation training! Forty trivia questions are listed (with an answer key) around popular culture and events during each of the major generational periods. Have fun. Award points. Reinforce key training concepts.

Surveys tell us that the more immediately a trainee uses the skills learned in a training session or training course, the more effective they will be at retaining the information and transforming it into new habits. Their commitment begins with a plan.

In this course, the skills of dialogue are used in this dramatization about challenges faced in culturally diverse work environments. As the story unfolds and the characters state their feelings, more hidden reasons for discontent within the group are revealed. We see how dialogue can be used to open-up communication, uncover hidden assumptions, break down stereotypes and facilitate more productive relationships.

Cultural competency means you recognize and respond to the differences and similarities that make up our workforce and customer base, and use this understanding to communicate more effectively and to make better decisions. Your commitment to building cultural competency begins with a plan!

The goal of this energizer is to keep participants motivated during the training.

Adaptive communication is a skill that is also critical to organizational growth. Keeping something the same just “because this is the way we have always done it” hinders an organization from innovating and progressing. Adaptation taps into employee skill sets and allows people to utilize their diversity to improve upon old “songs”, making a new version that supports growth.

When communicating with others, particularly people from other countries, it is important to recognize when your communication style has become outdated and when it is time to upgrade to a new technique.

When judging the “dance” of another person, especially across differences such as culture, be careful about making judgments based upon what you think is important. Focusing on their “feet” while communicating may mean you are missing the most important part of their dance.

The term "bias" may be used to describe both positive and negative mindsets towards individuals and groups. Many references to bias refer to the persistent, harmful and unequal treatment of someone based solely on some characteristic they possess or their apparent membership in or identification with a particular group.

Have you ever been blind-sided… ambushed… or side-swiped by somebody at work? Being the target of office politics is never fun. This thought-provoking, powerful short video uses impactful imagery, video and music to inform and encourage discussion the on the ups and downs of office politics within an organization.

Make keeping the skills alive fun. Use a short program as a meeting opener or as part of a training session prior to implementing a Retention Game.

This course is designed to empower the learner to: 1) describe team member roles, 2) list coaching points for individual roles, 3) supervise the process of creating a team charter, 4) Maintain team charter integrity, 5) Determine team involvement

#18 ID:798 Topic: Teamwork Learning Path: Leadership Type: eLearning - Advantage Industry Setting: Office & General Other Topics: Interpersonal Skills, Coaching & Mentoring, Team Builder or Retention Aid, Teamwork Course Level: Intermediate Seat Time: 30 minutes

As organizations focus on the implementation of diversity & inclusion programs they sometimes, mistakenly, assume that there is no longer a need for EEO or affirmative action/affirmative employment efforts. This article provides a good understanding of the relationships between EEO, AA and D&I.

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