M.E.E.T. Foam Puzzles (10-pk)

M.E.E.T. Foam Puzzles (10-pk)

These foam puzzles make great gifts or training take aways for employees and managers who participate in diversity and respect training programs. Reinforce your diversity training!

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Type:Tools & Take Aways
Learning Path:Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Respect
Main Topic:Diversity Dynamics
Competencies:Fostering Diversity, Inclusion and Equity
Subject:Diversity,Inclusion & Respect
Source Program:M.E.E.T.™ Foam Puzzles
Trainer Comments:These puzzles are great reminders of how to M.E.E.T. (Make time to discuss, Explore differences, Encourage respect, Take responsibility). They are a fun way to reinforce the concept of diversity - it's all about "making the different pieces fit."

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