Legal Issues for Managers (How-To Book)

Legal Issues for Managers (How-To Book)

Understanding Workplace Legal Issues

Employment practices in the United States are governed by a wide variety of federal, state, and local laws. As a manager or supervisor, you must understand these laws so that you can make objective, consistent, and legal decisions. You do not have to be an expert on every aspect of every employment law, but you do have to know enough to recognize when you need to seek help from a human resources professional or legal counsel.

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  • Developing Core Leadership Skills
  • Ensuring Professional and Compliant Behavior

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Trainer Comments: Some managers or supervisors make light of their responsibility to comply with the law. Others use excuses to justify, in their own minds, how the law does not apply to them. In the end, they may pay a heavy price in low employee morale or in hours of depositions, hearings, and other legal proceedings.

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