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Legal Briefs™ Workplace Violence - The Legal Role in Keeping Your Workplace Safe

No organization wants its name on the front page when the headline involves workplace violence. This program explores preventive measures and examines the legal obligations of managers and their organizations. Topics include hiring policies, appropriate responses to angry outbursts, dealing with employee threats, procedures for investigating rumors and the importance of maintaining confidentiality.
Type:Off-The-Shelf Video Program (ILT)ID:570 
Main Topic:Compliance
Other Topics:Compliance, Professionalism, Workplace Violence Prevention
Competencies:Managing Legal Risk, Ensuring Professional and Compliant Behavior
Suggested Industry Usage:Healthcare, Industrial & Manufacturing, Office & General, Retail & Hospitality, Government
Available in Other Assets:Issue: Adequate Pre-Employment Screening of Job Candidates (Video Vignettes) ID:204