I’ve Got Another One…

I’ve Got Another One…

Offensive Jokes & Workplace Harassment

Most of us like a good joke, right? The problem is, while we may think we know what's acceptable, there's a fine line between funny and disrespectful. We can't always know what may be offensive just by looking at someone. That's why we have to focus on respect when it comes to things like, jokes, off hand comments, posts, puns, texting cartoons, drawings, pictures or videos at work.

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  • Ensuring Professional and Compliant Behavior

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I’ve Got Another One…
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I’ve Got Another One…
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I’ve Got Another One…
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I’ve Got Another One…
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Additional Information

Trainer Comments: Telling an offensive joke once may not be illegal, or even a violation of policy. But being in violation isn't the only concern. Humor that is disrespectful or disrupts the workplace is unprofessional, and it needs to stop.

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