I'll Take Care of It!

I'll Take Care of It!

Employee Making a Veiled Threat

You're back at work after many months of working from home due to a health scare. Someone is sent home because of a cough. You see them back at work the very next day. Management doesn't seem concerned. But then there are rumblings and someone makes a veiled threat about taking care of it. What do you do?

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  • Keeping a Safe Workplace
  • Professional and Compliant Behavior

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Trainer Comments: It's normal for employees to be concerned about overall safety when returning to work after a health scare or pandemic. Their safety is of utmost importance. What's not allowed are threats and actions against another employee. Any form of abusive conduct (whether veiled or actual violence) must not be tolerated. This scenario is a great opportunity to discuss how employees should report health or policy concerns within the organization.

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