Empowerment Works: A Guide for Supervisors and Employees (How-To Book)

Empowerment Works: A Guide for Supervisors and Employees (How-To Book)

Empowering Your Employees

Just as we instill courage when we “en-courage,” we develop power when we “em-power.” Empowerment relies upon the willingness of employees at all levels of an organization to accept the responsibilities that accompany authority. Empowerment is a kind of democracy in the workplace. Like democracy, empowerment frees us to make decisions and take action. And like democracy, empowerment requires that we recognize and establish boundaries within which effective decisions and actions can occur.

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  • Leading and Managing for Peak Performance

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Trainer Comments: As you read this book, keep in mind that everyone reports to someone or is responsible to others inside or outside the workplace, and that good ideas can be found anywhere within an organization. Use this book as a step-by-step guide when undertaking empowerment projects, whether small or large.

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