Are There Going to Be Layoffs?

Are There Going to Be Layoffs?

Keeping Confidential Information Confidential

Conflicts between our obligations to friends and the organization can make decisions difficult; in those situations, we must let the law and the organization’s policy be our guide. Confidential information must always remain confidential. So, the bottom line is, we all have a responsibility to know and follow the organization’s policy on handling confidential information.

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  • Demonstrating Integrity & Professionalism
  • Ensuring Professional and Compliant Behavior

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Confidential Information
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Confidential Information
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Additional Information

Trainer Comments: Confidential information leaked could put the organization at risk - including possible legal action if there is any negative impact from confidential information being shared without authorization (e.g., if it violated terms of a contract with a union) - not to mention morale and productivity in the organization could plummet.

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