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Results for Topic: Professionalism

TrainingBriefs® What’s His Problem?

New Micro-Learning! Just because you can’t see the reason a person is using the accessible parking spot does not mean that they shouldn’t be using it. If someone asks for an accommodation, it’s important to be supportive - even if you don’t know why that change is needed. Be respectful of their needs, just as you would like them to be respectful of yours if you ever needed accommodation.

eLearning - TrainingBriefs® Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Respect Diversity Dynamics, Professionalism, Inclusion & Equity, Respect Foundational 6 Minutes

TrainingBriefs® Civility Matters

New Micro-Learning! In today's fast-paced world, a quick social media post can lead to hurt feelings and lots of lost jobs (maybe even a lawsuit or two). Uncivil actions disrupt the workplace! Why don't we think before we hit the enter button? What happened to the Golden Rule? What has desensitized us to the point we feel we can say or do anything... and without consequence?

eLearning - TrainingBriefs® Ethics & Compliance, Personal Performance Workplace Civility, Communication, Professionalism, Learning Reinforcement Foundational 5 Minutes

TrainingBriefs® What Language Is That?

New Micro-Learning! While it can be frustrating not being able to communicate easily, the reality is that everyone in the world has an accent. We only notice it when we are speaking with people who don’t share our native language. For customers who are speaking in a language that is not their native tongue, it can be extremely frustrating for them and getting upset with them won’t help the situation.

eLearning - TrainingBriefs® Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Respect Diversity Dynamics, Professionalism, Inclusion & Equity, Respect, Customer Service Foundational 5 Minutes

TrainingBriefs® Workplace Privacy & Employee Consent

New Micro-Learning! A written sign-off that meets federal and state legal requirements for each of the situations discussed in this course could prevent many legal headaches - and it shows that you respect everyone's right and expectation to privacy.

eLearning - TrainingBriefs® Ethics & Compliance Workplace Privacy, Compliance, Management, Professionalism Foundational 5 Minutes

TrainingBriefs® Third Party Harassment

New Micro-Learning! Outside (also known as third party) harassment, especially sexual harassment, can lead to serious legal actions filed against individuals and organizations. Just because they are not employees of your organization does not mean their behaviors are acceptable or legal.

eLearning - TrainingBriefs® Ethics & Compliance Harassment Prevention, Compliance, Professionalism, Sexual Harassment, Learning Reinforcement Foundational 5 Minutes

TrainingBriefs® Involving Your Audience

New Micro-Learning! Involving the audience helps actively engage and manage their attention. It gets their minds off of the other priorities in their life and focused on you message. In this module, you’ll learn the importance of grabbing the interest of your audience and maintaining it.

eLearning - TrainingBriefs® Personal Performance Communication, Professionalism Foundational 5 Minutes

TrainingBriefs® Narrowing Your Presentation Focus

New Micro-Learning! When we narrow the focus of our presentation, we help avoid confusion. We quickly drill down to communicate in a way that helps everyone clearly understand our message. In this module, you'll learn about the importance of starting out wide to provide background and context and then quickly funneling down to specifics.

eLearning - TrainingBriefs® Personal Performance Communication, Professionalism Foundational 5 Minutes

TrainingBriefs® Preparing Your Presentation

New Micro-Learning! We all know that to be successful at whatever we do, we must prepare for the task. In this module, you'll learn what preparation really means when it comes to inspiring, informing, and influencing people.

eLearning - TrainingBriefs® Personal Performance Communication, Professionalism Foundational 6 Minutes

TrainingBriefs® Sensitive Performance Appraisals

New Micro-Learning! Navigating through a performance appraisal that addresses sensitive issues is one of the most difficult management responsibilities. It requires tact and compassion. But it’s also required to make the organization’s expectations clear, and to put an under-performing employee on the right track.

eLearning - TrainingBriefs® Personal Performance Leadership, Communication, Management, Professionalism, Leading Foundational 6 Minutes

TrainingBriefs® Recognizing Inappropriate Humor

New Micro-Learning! What do cable news hosts, political bumper stickers, and religious jokes have in common? The answer is that some of them are funny, while others find them deeply offensive. It’s important to know that inappropriate humor can be the basis for a discrimination law suit.

eLearning - TrainingBriefs® Ethics & Compliance Harassment Prevention, Compliance, Professionalism, Respect, Learning Reinforcement Foundational 5 Minutes

Got Respect?® Humor in the Workplace

By completing this module, you will be able to distinguish between appropriate and inappropriate humor in the workplace. You will also be able to describe different responses to inappropriate humor in the workplace and implications of each.

eLearning - LearningBytes® Ethics & Compliance Respect, Communication, Professionalism, Inclusion & Equity Foundational 15 Minutes

Win the S.A.L.E.™ Coaching for Sales Success

This program is designed to help sales managers recognize and respond to common challenges by providing a four-step process (S.A.L.E.) which can be used to motivate and coach sales staff.

eLearning - Classics Personal Performance Sales & Service, Communication, Professionalism, Coaching & Mentoring Intermediate 30 Minutes

Win the S.A.L.E.™ Supporting the Sale

Designed for service and support professionals, this program contains powerful, comprehensive training that educates and inspires employees with limited sales experience, enabling them to strengthen your organization's sales performance, top-to-bottom.

eLearning - Classics Personal Performance Sales & Service, Communication, Sales, Professionalism Intermediate 30 Minutes

Integrity Every Day: Real Choices. Right Decisions.™

As a healthcare employee, you face situations every day where you have some real choices to make. And it’s important that you understand your responsibilities in those situations and then make the right decisions. This course is designed to help you learn how to do the right thing, for the right reasons, in the right way.

eLearning - Classics Ethics & Compliance Ethics & Integrity, Change, Compliance, Leadership, Professionalism Foundational 30 - 45 minutes

Another Look: Defining Respect in Healthcare™ (eLearning)

A compelling eLearning course that investigates and addresses diversity and inclusion within the healthcare industry. This program is great for new hire orientation and on-boarding. Tough issues like stereotyping and age are addressed.

eLearning - Classics Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Respect Diversity Dynamics, Professionalism, Inclusion & Equity, Respect, Onboarding, Cultural Competency & Sensitivity Foundational 40 Minutes

Conflict Clock™ for Managers & Supervisors

Put the kibosh on conflict! This new eLearning course gives managers a new perspective on understanding and resolving conflict. Conflict Clock™ for managers will give you a quick reinforcement and a model for successfully resolving workplace conflict.

eLearning - Classics Leadership Conflict Resolution, Communication, Interpersonal Skills, Professionalism Intermediate 30 Minutes

Exceeding Internal Customer Expectations

“Customer service” is sometimes used as a buzz phrase. We hear that great customer service, for our external customer, depends on excellent internal customer service. But what does that mean? Having satisfied customers leads to increased revenue and increased brand awareness. Having satisfied employees is the key contributor to a company’s success — especially in tough economic times.

eLearning - Classics Personal Performance Customer Service, Communication, Interpersonal Skills, Professionalism Foundational 30 Minutes

Get the Whole Picture™: Asking Probing Questions in a Behavioral-Based Interview

This course was created for people who are already familiar with basic behavior-based interviewing. It is an advanced workshop-format designed to significantly improve probing skills. Developed in collaboration with Dr. Paul Green, a leading industrial psychologist and behavioral-based interviewing expert, this course enables participants to identify their personal probing style and then practice five effective probing strategies.

eLearning - Classics Leadership Interviewing, Leadership, Professionalism, Hiring & Recruiting Advanced 30 Minutes

Good People, Bad Choices (eLearning Classic)

The eLearning course is a guide to ethical decision-making and provides an excellent vehicle for discussion based training that includes such topics as confidential information, gift giving, financial accountability, copyright infringement and more.

eLearning - Classics Ethics & Compliance Ethics & Integrity, Compliance, Professionalism, Onboarding Foundational 40 Minutes

Legal Briefs™ Discipline & Termination

Discipline and termination are critical business issues managers deal with regularly, though not always effectively. Through plain-speak language and practical examples, this course demonstrates protocol and procedures to follow for legal compliance and successful decision making.

eLearning - Classics Ethics & Compliance, Leadership Management, Compliance, Professionalism Intermediate 40 Minutes