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Results for Program: Documenting Discipline™

  • Documentation & Progressive Discipline™ Leveraging the Power of FOSA
    #1 ID:2341

    If you're a manager, you already know that disciplining employees is one of the most difficult parts of your job. But, documenting performance is essential in correcting performance problems and protecting yourself as a manager. This interactive course provides steps to ensure solid, consistent documentation procedures throughout your company. Using the FOSA method, managers will possess the tools to effectively and legally address performance issues.

    eLearning - Advantage Plus Ethics & Compliance, Leadership Employee Documentation, Compliance, Management Intermediate 50 Minutes

    eLearning Course

  • Documenting Discipline™ (eLearning Classic)
    #2 ID:2234

    Lack of solid documentation is the single most common mistake employers make when handling discipline or terminations. What if you need to justify an employment decision or termination long after it occurs? Not properly documenting can hurt you in unemployment compensation disputes, workers’ compensation cases and other legal matters. This course teaches importance of documenting your employees using the FOSA method.

    eLearning - Classics Ethics & Compliance, Leadership Employee Documentation, Management Foundational 40 Minutes

    eLearning Course