TrainingBriefs® What’s His Problem?
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TrainingBriefs® What’s His Problem?

Disabilities & Accomodation

New Micro-Learning! Just because you can’t see the reason a person is using the accessible parking spot does not mean that they shouldn’t be using it. If someone asks for an accommodation, it’s important to be supportive - even if you don’t know why that change is needed. Be respectful of their needs, just as you would like them to be respectful of yours if you ever needed accommodation.

Learning Path & Details


  • Understanding Diversity
  • Fostering Inclusion, Equity & Belonging

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how you should behave with someone who asks for an accommodation.
  • Learn what helps everyone to feel better about coming to work every day and create good working relationships!


  • Audible Narration
  • Linear Navigation
  • Integrated Video
  • Interactions and Activities
  • Inline Quiz
  • Post-Assessment

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Additional Information

Trainer Comments: When someone asks for an accommodation because of a disability – that request is between them and their manager. It isn’t anyone else’s business. Asking someone out of curiosity will put them in an awkward position - and no one enjoys that. As a reminder, a reasonable accommodation is an adjustment to a job or work environment that makes it possible for an individual with a disability to perform their job duties.

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