PREVAIL!® Armed Intruder Preparedness & Response Training (Advantage Plus - Employee)
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PREVAIL!® Armed Intruder Preparedness & Response Training (Advantage Plus - Employee)

Armed Intruder / Active Shooter Preparedness & Response Training

Being prepared… that’s what can dramatically change your chance of prevailing during an active shooter/armed intruder situation. Why? Because the shooter is NOT counting on you being ready to act! This comprehensive PREVAIL!™ course teaches a trained response that allows for immediate action and a better opportunity to overcome.

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Learning Path & Details


  • Developing High-Performing Work Habits
  • Keeping a Safe Workplace


  • Audible Narration
  • Integrated Video
  • Interactions and Activities
  • Pre-Assessment
  • Post-Assessment
  • Simulations
  • Animations

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Additional Information

Trainer Comments: The intent of this program is not to increase your fear… but rather inform and train you to not only recognize potential threats, but to empower you… with a list of options and actions… in case you find yourself in a situation like this. Training INCREASES our ability to take appropriate action. It gives us a greater sense of preparedness, which will help with anxiety and stress levels - especially during an intruder situation. It helps us PREVAIL!

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