Human Trafficking Awareness - Hospitality Industry Overview
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Human Trafficking Awareness - Hospitality Industry Overview

The Defintion & Warning Signs of Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is very real issue in the United States! Traffickers often take advantage of the privacy and anonymity accessible through the hospitality industry. Hotels and motels can be especially attractive locations for all forms of trafficking. This interactive course gives an overview of human trafficking, the warning signs and how to report suspicious activity. Can be used for SB970 (California training) requirements.

Learning Path & Details

Suggested Industry Usage


  • Keeping a Safe Workplace
  • Taking the Initiative

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the definition of human trafficking.
  • Identify the types of human trafficking.
  • Identify the difference between human trafficking and human smuggling.
  • Identify the actions you can take as a business.
  • Identify the signs of human trafficking.
  • Identify the actions you should take if you suspect human trafficking.


  • Audible Narration
  • Linear Navigation
  • Interactions and Activities
  • Post-Assessment
  • Downloadable Job Aid
  • Downloadable FAQ

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Additional Information

Trainer Comments: This program introduces key concepts through discussion. It is ideal for organizations that want to provide participants with an overview of the definition of human trafficking and how to identify potential human trafficking situations, as well as how to report potential human trafficking to law enforcement.

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