Drawing the Line: Creating a Harassment-Free Workplace™ (Standard)
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Drawing the Line: Creating a Harassment-Free Workplace™ (Standard)

Harassment Prevention Training

Managers must be able to recognize, even address and report harassment in an appropriate and timely manner. It’s their responsibility! To ensure effectiveness, this course goes beyond basic sexual harassment training to address multiple forms of unacceptable workplace behavior including discrimination, retaliation, bullying and other forms of harassment that may occur in your workplace.

Learning Path & Details


  • Demonstrating Integrity & Professionalism
  • Managing Risk

Learning Objectives

  • Identify how our policy and federal and state laws impact your responsibilities as a supervisor.
  • Examine how maintaining a respectful and harassment-free culture benefits you and our organization.
  • Identifiy the difference between inappropriate, prohibited by policy and illegal behavior.
  • Identify behaviors that could escalate into more serious situations.
  • Determine how to respond appropriately when others engage in unprofessional, prohibited or illegal behaviors.


  • Audible Narration
  • Branching
  • Integrated Video
  • Interactions and Activities
  • Post-Assessment
  • Case Studies
  • Downloadable Policy
  • Downloadable Job Aid

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Additional Information

Trainer Comments: This course addresses harassment in all its forms, including hazing, gossip, retaliation, workplace bullying and much more. Meets federal compliance standards for harassment prevention training, giving employees the tools to resolve situations before they escalate.

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