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  • Opening Your Business to the World
    #1201 ID:720

    Increasing Competitive Capacity Through Improved Global Communication! This is a perspective paper on the topic of multicultural competency.

    Trainer Resource Ethics & Compliance, Leadership Cultural Competency & Sensitivity, Change, Communication, Diversity Dynamics, Leadership, Professionalism

  • Overcoming Diversity Fatigue: Key Causes and Strategies for Addressing It
    #1202 ID:1790

    This whitepaper explores key causes for diversity fatigue and it outlines steps that organizations can undertake to address the fatigue and to jump start their diversity programs with renewed energy and focus.

    Trainer Resource Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Respect Diversity Dynamics, Culture Commitment, Discussion Trigger, Inclusion & Equity, Respect

  • Personal Action Plan
    #1203 ID:1423

    Surveys tell us that the more immediately a trainee uses the skills learned in a training session or training course, the more effective they will be at retaining the information and transforming it into new habits. Their commitment begins with a plan.

    Trainer Resource Leadership, Personal Performance Personal Improvement, Retention Aid, Training Support

  • Perspective & Resiliency Checklist
    #1204 ID:1538

    The Perspective and Resiliency Checklist will help you identify ways you can create more deposits when life is difficult. It will tell you what you are already doing right (you are making deposits whether you realize it or not). It will also point out places where there is room for growth.

    Trainer Resource Leadership, Personal Performance Employee Resiliency, Discussion Trigger, Employee Wellness, Reducing Stress (Work & Life)

  • Presentation and Meeting Involvement Tips
    #1205 ID:1540

    Tips and trick for making your next meeting or presentation a wild success! These tips are simple and easy to implement.

    Trainer Resource Leadership, Personal Performance Meeting Preparation, Interpersonal Skills, Professionalism

  • Preventing Burnout During Times of Change
    #1206 ID:1536

    A great list of burnout symptoms and burnout prevention techniques.

    Trainer Resource Leadership, Personal Performance Reducing Stress (Work & Life), Discussion Trigger, Employee Resiliency, Employee Wellness

  • Sample Invitation to Training
    #1207 ID:562

    Generic invitation that can be customized to invite participants to training

    Trainer Resource Leadership, Personal Performance Training Support

  • Strategic Planning Primer
    #1208 ID:1508

    Our decisions and actions need a firm foundation. Think of it this way. If you are building a house, you know the foundation has to be secure. Otherwise, cracks form. Water comes in. The rest of the house can shift, suffer damage. This short strategic planning primer gives simple steps to starting a plan.

    Trainer Resource Leadership Problem Resolution, Collaboration, Management

  • Structural Inequality: Applications of an Old Theory to New Organizational Challenges
    #1209 ID:1507

    This perspective paper introduces the concept of Structural Inequality (SI). SI offers a new way of looking at organizational structures and systemic practices, which contribute to inequity and exclusion. SI can be a powerful intervention as diversity and inclusion becomes the driving force behind HR and EEO initiatives to create inclusive workplaces that are free from discrimination and other unlawful practices and responsive to all groups within the organization.

    Trainer Resource Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Respect Diversity Dynamics, Culture Commitment, Inclusion & Equity, Management, Respect

  • Structured Interviewing: Perfecting the Perfect Hire
    #1210 ID:723

    Average costs to hire and train a new employee are estimated conservatively at two-and-a-half times the combined annual salary and benefits budgeted for the position. This perspective paper covers the topic of effective interviewing.

    Trainer Resource Leadership Interviewing, Change, Leadership, Management

  • Supervisory Strength Assessment
    #1211 ID:1537

    A very useful tool for assessing the relevant skills of your supervisors. This toll can also be used as a self-assessment or 360 degree assessment. The tool can be customized per your workplace needs.

    Trainer Resource Leadership Management, Assessment, Discussion Trigger, Leadership

  • Supplemental Training Module: High-Performance Principles
    #1212 ID:1801

    A high performer in our organization is someone who comes into work every day and consistently exhibits: Integrity, Respect, Initiative, Confidence and Purpose. The bottom line for any individual in any organization is to deliver results. This supplemental/debrief training session will help your organization achieve results by developing the knowledge and skills of the greatest asset the organization has — your employees.

    Trainer Resource Personal Performance Discussion Trigger, Assessment, Coaching & Mentoring, Personal Improvement

  • Target Results, Not Delivery Methods: Technology's Role in Training for High Performance
    #1213 ID:724

    Perspective paper on the topic of learning formats.

    Trainer Resource Leadership, Personal Performance Leadership

  • Techniques to Increase Participation
    #1214 ID:563

    Tips for getting more balanced participation from workshop attendees.

    Trainer Resource Leadership, Personal Performance Training Support

  • The Business Case for Developing Your Organization’s Ethics and Compliance Program
    #1215 ID:1778

    In an effort to educate employees about ethical business practices and regulatory compliance within the organization, many organizations are developing ethics and compliance programs. These programs encourage ethical behavior and compliance with regulatory requirements. This perspective paper gives a solid reason why these programs are necessary.

    Trainer Resource Ethics & Compliance Ethics, Compliance, Culture Commitment, Discussion Trigger, Training Support

  • Tips for Selecting an EEO and Diversity Trainer
    #1216 ID:564

    An attorney's perspective on what to look for in an EEO/Diversity Trainer.

    Trainer Resource Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Respect Diversity Dynamics

  • Trainer Roles and Responsibilities
    #1217 ID:565

    Overview of expectations for classroom trainers

    Trainer Resource Leadership, Personal Performance Training Support

  • Training at the Point of Change: Strategies for a Change-Responsive Workforce
    #1218 ID:725

    Perspective paper on the topic of dealing with pervasive change

    Trainer Resource Leadership Change, Communication, Leadership

  • Training Evaluation and Assessment Forms
    #1219 ID:930

    This package of downloadable forms makes assessing your next training session a breeze. There are over 10 ready-to-use forms including a pre-assessment, post-assessment, gap assessment and so many more!

    Trainer Resource Leadership, Personal Performance Training Support, Evaluation, Training Activities

  • Training Triage: Prioritizing Needs for the High-Performing Workforce
    #1220 ID:726

    Perspective paper on the topic of workplace competencies

    Trainer Resource Leadership Leadership, Change, Management, Motivation