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  • Article: Overwhelmed? Compartmentalize!
    #1821 ID:1522

    When we catch ourselves elongating a mishap or problem, we can compartmentalize. Big word, but relatively easy concept. Think of your life as one that is filled with a series of rooms. One room might hold that CEO who badmouthed your brilliant work. Another might hold your career with the company.

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  • Article: Pay Attention
    #1822 ID:1511

    It is in our present moments, that we truly live. Each time we catch a pleasant scent or feel a cool spring breeze we are brought to the immediate. This gives us a chance to notice and appreciate that which surrounds us.

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  • Article: Persevering When Times are Tough
    #1823 ID:1516

    It isn’t easy to experience loss, whether our loss is business-related, financial, or personal in nature. Most of us learned quite recently, for example, that the stock market giveth, and the stock market most definitely taketh away. Our response to a loss such as this can make or break us.

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  • Article: Productive Workload Management
    #1824 ID:1524

    It seems donkeys, though beasts of burden, have limits. Load one to excess, and it will be hard pressed to do your bidding. People who work for us are no different. Some can juggle hats, plates, balls, and flaming torches simultaneously. Even the most talented will drop it all if we add too much to the mix.

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  • Article: Promote Wisely
    #1825 ID:1505

    We often do this dumb thing in corporations. We want to recognize employees who do brilliant technical work, so we reward them with our plum management jobs. Sure, sometimes these people are brilliant managers, too. Far too often they end up cutting a destructive Tasmanian Devil-like swath through the organization as they spin their way up the corporate ladder.

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  • Article: Selling Your Ideas
    #1826 ID:1549

    All we have to do is look into a mirror. I know. It isn’t pleasant to consider that we could be responsible for our lack of success, but there it is. If we have not convinced someone, the onus is still on us to do so. It is not the decision maker’s job to convince him or herself of the idea’s merit.

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  • Article: Stress - Getting Perspective
    #1827 ID:1503

    Little kids run everywhere they go. Ever notice that? They don’t just move in a dignified way from room to room like we do. You get the impression that they’re afraid they’ll miss something exciting if they don’t approach life at warp speed. And they can be brought to a screeching halt by a colony of ants or a pile a leaves. If you catch us running, it’s because we’re late for a meeting.

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  • Article: Stressed? Take a Break!
    #1828 ID:1521

    Ours is a complex, fast-paced world. We all know about the treadmill analogy. Some of us run pretty fast. The mind has a hard time catching up with the body. Some of us don’t so much identify with the treadmill as we do the Tasmanian Devil. Either way, we’re moving fast and we need a break.

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  • Article: Supporting Consistent Ethics and Values in the Workplace
    #1829 ID:1517

    As business leaders, what do we truly value? Integrity? Innovation? Delighting our customers? Being an employer of choice? Or are some of these just platitudes that make our annual reports look pristine? Does our aversion to ideas advocating radical change suggest we are really a conservative company, even though our words tell everyone we value risk taking?

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  • Article: Take Time to Laugh
    #1830 ID:1514

    We need to work harder to stay positive during some seasons than others. If we haven’t supported humor and laughter in our workplace before, now is the best time to start. There are many benefits. Humor reduces stress levels because it helps us calm the chemicals that zip through our bodies when we’re agitated. We all need the physical balancing laughter offers.

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  • Article: Taking Charge of Your Health
    #1831 ID:1513

    Research suggests workplace-generated stress, not just your average garden variety stress caused by the kids, mind you, but workplace-generated stress links to heart disease. When pollsters ask people to rate their stress, nearly half say they are suffering symptoms of burnout.

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  • Article: The Beauty of Reframing
    #1832 ID:1506

    This article looks at examples of reframing – of looking at an issue from a broader perspective that can help us move through life without feeling blindsided every time the unexpected happens. When we re-frame a difficult occurrence, we open our minds to positive outcomes and possibilities.

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  • Article: Victims in the Workplace
    #1833 ID:1550

    People who lead and manage others might consider the productivity and morale impact when others have to spend time around victims. Years ago a VP at a company I worked for fired someone who did exceptional work. I asked him why he let such a strong performer go. He said no matter how good the work, it didn’t balance out the individual’s destructive behavior on the rest of the staff.

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  • Coaching to Support Success
    #1834 ID:1541

    When it comes to coaching, open-ended questions are usually the best questions. This simple tool lists open-ended questions you can ask to bring out the best in your employees.

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  • Customizable Workshop Evaluation
    #1835 ID:560

    Use this template to create a level 1 post-training evaluation

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  • Defining Your Role Before,During,and After Training
    #1836 ID:556

    Help increase ROI for the organization by focusing on everything you can do to insure both an effective training experience and successful integration and application of training.

    Trainer Resource Leadership, Personal Performance Training Support

  • Diversity Trainer Assessment
    #1837 ID:558

    Use to assess comfort level and skill level of trainers for the often sensitive topic of diversity.

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  • Diversity Version 3.0 - Organizational Development and Continuous Education
    #1838 ID:1510

    This perspective paper discusses the concept that diversity in the workplace has steadily evolved over the last couple decades. Originally it focused primarily on race, but later broadened to include the promotion of women, people with disabilities and the LGBT community. Now, the definition of diversity is expanding further to include aspects such as physical characteristics, background, family status, military service, personality and work style. Today, in essence, diversity is all of the ways that we are similar and different to one another.

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  • Four Main Learning Styles (Overview)
    #1839 ID:559

    Overview of the four main learning styles: visual, auditory, kinesthetic and conceptual.

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  • Generations: Harnessing the Potential of a Multigenerational Workforce
    #1840 ID:719

    Perspective paper on the topic of generational diversity. Need insight on one of the most challenging opportunities in the workplace, this white paper delivers.

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