The Consequences of Sexual Harassment™ (CA Employees)

The Consequences of Sexual Harassment™ (CA Employees)

Specific for California Sexual Harassment Training Requirements! This interactive course is designed to meet SB1343 requirements for employee training and will engage each learner with a realistic view of workplace sexual harassment and the fallout associated with a non-compliant culture. Hostile Work Environment and Quid Pro Quo harassment (and their various forms) are discussed and addressed. The consequences of sexual harassment are deep and impact everyone within an organization. Other concepts addressed: Active Bystander, Sex Stereotyping, Retaliation and more.


Type:eLearning - Classic ID:2104 
Course Level:Foundational
Learning Paths:Ethics & Compliance
Main Topic:Sexual Harassment
Other Topics:Harassment, Abusive Conduct, Learning Reinforcement
Competencies:Ensuring Professional and Compliant Behavior
Suggested Industry Usage:Healthcare, Industrial & Manufacturing, Office & General, Retail & Hospitality, Government
Available Formats:Interactive eLearning
Subject:Sexual Harassment Prevention
Source Program:ENOUGH!™ The Consequences of Sexual Harassment
Trainer Comments:The Consequences of Sexual Harassment™ was designed specifically to be used by California businesses and employers to comply with CA SB1343. This highly interactive and engaging course includes: • An explanation of what constitutes sexual harassment (definitions and facts) • Examples of conduct that would constitute unlawful harassment (both video and case studies) • Information on state and federal laws concerning sexual harassment & retaliation • Information on employees’ rights and how to report sexual harassment • Employee expectations when confronting sexual harassment in the workplace • Includes a printable (and customizable) FAQ fact sheet • Includes a printable (and customizable) Anti-Harassment Policy document • Includes a printable (and customizable) Sexual Harassment Complaint document
Seat Time:60 Minutes
Interactivity:Linear navigation, post-assessment, full videos, interactions, case studies, inline quizzing, downloadable policy documents, audible narration.

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