LearningBytes® Diversity 101 - Merge Ahead™

LearningBytes® Diversity 101 - Merge Ahead™

Quite often, diversity and inclusion go beyond race, gender and ethnicity. Organizational diversity includes work habits and values that are affected by time zone differences, commuting patterns, virtual teams and geographic distance.


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Course Level:Foundational
Learning Paths:Diversity, Inclusion & Respect
Main Topic:Respect
Other Topics:Communication, Diversity, Interpersonal Skills, Professionalism, Inclusion
Competencies:Fostering Diversity, Inclusion and Respect, Ensuring Professional and Compliant Behavior, Creating a Collaborative Environment
Suggested Industry Usage:Healthcare, Industrial & Manufacturing, Office & General, Retail & Hospitality, Government
Subject:Organizational Culture and Diversity
Source Program:M.E.E.T.: Breaking New Ground. Respect and Inclusion in the Workplace™
Trainer Comments:Many - and perhaps most - diversity and inclusion dynamics involve workforce issues, such as field vs. headquarters, regional differences, departments, occupation, credentials, hierarchy, seniority, etc.
Seat Time:9 Minutes
Interactivity:Integrated video, audible narration, interactive, post-test.

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