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  • Dealing with Conflict: Common Fight, Flight & Freeze Responses
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    Help employees and co-workers understand the responses observed in the workplace when someone was presented with a challenge that provoked an emotional reaction.

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  • Similarities
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    Diversity includes such factors as age, race, ethnic heritage, gender, sexual orientation, work experience, first language, income, family status, military experience, religion and many other unique characteristics. Inclusion is the willingness to go below the surface to connect and discover value through our similarities and differences. The goal of this training activity is to find others who share similar characteristics.

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  • Article: Stress - Getting Perspective
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    Little kids run everywhere they go. Ever notice that? They don’t just move in a dignified way from room to room like we do. You get the impression that they’re afraid they’ll miss something exciting if they don’t approach life at warp speed. And they can be brought to a screeching halt by a colony of ants or a pile a leaves. If you catch us running, it’s because we’re late for a meeting.

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  • Using Video Vignettes in Training
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    By design, video vignettes (also known as video clips or video scenarios) can be used to support a variety of training needs. Use the following list of sample questions as a starting point to create a set of relevant discussion questions for your particular application.

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