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Remind employees how important they are to the success of the organization. Use any one of the various Sollah Interactive short video programs (a SMART-START™ or meeting opener).

Make keeping the skills alive fun. Use a short program as a meeting opener or as part of a training session prior to implementing a Retention Game.

Quick activity to link past training to future lessons.

Quick gap evaluation of skills related to a training topic

#3 ID:551 Topic: Evaluation Learning Paths: Leadership, Personal Performance Type: Activities Industry Settings: Industrial & Manufacturing, Office & General, Retail Other Topics: Discussion Trigger, Assessment

Quick, customizable activity to prepare people for upcoming training & create a motivating environment.

Focus on goal-setting for the training session

As organizations focus on the implementation of diversity & inclusion programs they sometimes, mistakenly, assume that there is no longer a need for EEO or affirmative action/affirmative employment efforts. This article provides a good understanding of the relationships between EEO, AA and D&I.

Have we reached a point where issues of difference based on race, gender, and similar considerations are no longer significant challenges for most organizations? Many would say, “Not yet. We have much more to do.” This short article provides a historical look at D&I in the United States and asks, "What's next?"

This energizer is intended to refocus attention on the learning at hand. Use any one of the various Sollah Interactive short video programs (a SMART-START™ or meeting opener).

Cultural competency means you recognize and respond to the differences and similarities that make up our workforce and customer base, and use this understanding to communicate more effectively and to make better decisions. Your commitment to building cultural competency begins with a plan!

The goal of this energizer is to keep participants motivated during the training.

A fun way to present and learn key cultural competency terms and definitions.

Help employees and co-workers understand the responses observed in the workplace when someone was presented with a challenge that provoked an emotional reaction.

Article Summary: The similarities and differences in our workplace can strengthen the overall effectiveness of our organization when we develop cultural competence.

A fun way to present and learn key diversity and inclusion (D&I) terms and definitions.

The worksheet has a series of questions and columns representing dimensions of diversity. Participants mark the most appropriate category for each question; then they are asked questions about their selections.

This activity and worksheet helps facilitate the exploration and discussing of participants’ definitions of respect and the importance of respect.

Help executives be knowledgeable and supportive of upcoming or ongoing training with a high-level overview.

Highlight concepts associated with a multi-generational workforce.

Highlight words and concepts that promote generational diversity.

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