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Spark team communication on how to balance our short and long term objectives (at the organization or project level).

Learners of this eLearning course will: 1) Understand the importance of goal setting; 2) Identify specific areas that require goal setting; 3) Learn how to write SMART Goals: 4) Identify ways to provide feedback that will aid team members in accomplishing their goals.

#1 ID:808 Topic: Leadership Learning Path: Leadership Type: eLearning - Advantage Industry Setting: Office & General Other Topics: Collaboration, Goals and Goal Setting Course Level: Advanced Seat Time: 35 Minutes

What are your hopes and dreams for the New Year? Maybe you’re like a friend of mine whose resolution is that she won’t have any resolutions. I recommend this for those of you who think last year was akin to spending eternity atop a treadmill set on warp speed. Maybe you need a break from resolutions.

Goals are mostly a good thing, but what happens when personal or corporate goals mortgage the future for short-term gain? At what point do we recognize the folly and re-think our strategy?

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