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  • Just Some Good Clean Fun with M.E.E.T. Resolution
    #261 ID:273

    When humor in the workplace becomes inappropriate - teasing that leads to hazing. This video shows how quickly 'having fun' can turn to harassment.

    Video Vignettes Ethics & Compliance Harassment, Communication, Compliance, Interpersonal Skills, Management, Professionalism

  • Let's T.A.L.K.™:  Handling the Difficult Performance Appraisal
    #262 ID:698

    Let’s T.A.L.K.™ is designed to assist managers and supervisors in dealing with difficult performance appraisal situations. The performance appraisal process is part of an ongoing, year-round process of giving constant feedback and support, making sure people know what is expected and setting goals for the future.

    eLearning - Classic Leadership Assessing Performance, Communication, Interpersonal Skills, Leadership, Management, Conflict Resolution Intermediate 40 Minutes

  • Stop Telling Me What to Do
    #263 ID:75

    An example of peer-to-peer conflict between a new employee and a seasoned employee

    Video Vignettes Personal Performance Interpersonal Skills, Communication, Professionalism

  • It's the Law™: The Legal Side of Management
    #264 ID:139

    In the effort to prevent employee lawsuits, are your managers assets or liabilities? By providing them the knowledge and tools to handle workplace issues effectively, this program turns managers into a frontline defense against costly litigation.

    Off-The-Shelf Video Program (ILT) Ethics & Compliance, Leadership Management, Communication, Compliance, Diversity, Harassment, Interpersonal Skills, Professionalism

  • Sexual Harassment: It Can Happen Here™
    #265 ID:284

    Sexual harassment can occur in businesses of all sizes and industries, with potentially devastating consequences. This program presents a series of compelling scenarios to provide the foundation your workforce needs to prevent and address such behavior before it escalates.

    Off-The-Shelf Video Program (ILT) Ethics & Compliance Harassment, Communication, Management, Professionalism, Sexual Harassment, Abusive Conduct

  • Be Careful What You Say
    #266 ID:34

    Providing accurate information even if you are asked to stretch the truth.

    Video Vignettes Ethics & Compliance Ethics, Communication, Compliance, Interpersonal Skills, Leadership, Professionalism

  • Integrity Every Day: Real Choices. Right Decisions.™
    #267 ID:708

    As a healthcare employee, you face situations every day where you have some real choices to make. And it’s important that you understand your responsibilities in those situations and then make the right decisions. This course is designed to help you learn how to do the right thing, for the right reasons, in the right way.

    eLearning - Classic Ethics & Compliance Ethics, Change, Compliance, Leadership, Professionalism Foundational 30 - 45 minutes

  • Establish Commitment
    #268 ID:612

    Discusses how to gain commitment from a client during a sales interaction.

    Video Vignettes Personal Performance Sales & Service, Communication, Sales

  • Myth: I Don't Know How to Do It
    #269 ID:62

    The perspective that leaders can identify their core values and make daily decisions based on them.

    Video Vignettes Leadership Leadership, Change, Communication, Motivation, Professionalism, Leading

  • Link to Solutions
    #270 ID:611

    Reviews how to best link a client's needs with solutions.

    Video Vignettes Personal Performance Sales & Service, Communication, Sales

  • I Don't Have Time
    #271 ID:580

    Maintaining accurate patient records even when time is short

    Video Vignettes Ethics & Compliance Ethics, Communication, Professionalism

  • Playing for Keeps
    #272 ID:465

    Make keeping the skills alive fun. Use a short program as a meeting opener or as part of a training session prior to implementing a Retention Game.

    Activities Personal Performance Team Builder, Energizer, Discussion Trigger, Team Builder or Retention Aid, Retention Aid

  • Saturday's Just Another Day
    #273 ID:100

    When personal goals negatively impact team members; how generational differences impact views of work/life balance

    Video Vignettes Diversity, Inclusion & Respect Diversity, Communication, Compliance, Interpersonal Skills, Leadership, Management, Professionalism, Inclusion, Respect

  • Probe for a Negative Example
    #274 ID:453

    Example of interview question and candidate response to prompt probing question

    Video Vignettes Leadership Leadership, Communication, Leadership, Professionalism

  • Clarify Change (Resolution)
    #275 ID:457

    Using clarification techniques to feel comfortable with a change in process

    Video Vignettes Personal Performance Communication, Interpersonal Skills, Leadership, Professionalism

  • Looking Back
    #276 ID:555

    Quick activity to link past training to future lessons.

    Activities Personal Performance Training Support, Discussion Trigger, Retention Aid

  • TrainingBytes® - Increasing Emotional Intelligence
    #277 ID:366

    Oftentimes when faced with workplace challenges and obstacles, people succumb to self-defeating behaviors and negative emotions, to the detriment of their career and overall results. Learning how to remain positive and keep emotions in check can interpersonal skills and individual resiliency.

    TrainingBytes® Leadership, Personal Performance Professionalism, Change, Interpersonal Skills, Leadership, Emotional Intelligence

  • Getting Much Sleep?
    #278 ID:254

    Retaliating against an employee who reports misconduct by supervisor

    Video Vignettes Ethics & Compliance Compliance, Communication, Harassment, Management, Professionalism

  • Hierarchy or Equality: Do you know where you stand?
    #279 ID:472

    How respect is defined differently in varying cultures around the world

    Video Vignettes Diversity, Inclusion & Respect, Personal Performance Communication, Diversity, Interpersonal Skills, Leadership, Professionalism, Inclusion, Respect

  • That Wasn't a Smart Thing to Do...
    #280 ID:54

    Frequently cornering a coworker; isolation and intimidation. A good look at how intimidation might lead to more.

    Video Vignettes Ethics & Compliance Workplace Violence Prevention, Communication, Compliance, Harassment, Leadership, Professionalism