Managing Essentials™ Poor Attitude
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Managing Essentials™ Poor Attitude

Managing for Peak Performance

You’ve got an employee with an attitude problem. In most cases you can’t change a person’s attitude but you can encourage a change in behavior. How do you do that? This video scenario provides the just-in-time information and tools needed to help a manager address the situation while maintaining a respectful workplace.

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Learning Paths & Details


  • Developing Core Leadership Skills
  • Leading and Managing for Peak Performance

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how to respectfully work through an employee's poor work attitude.
  • Visualize (by example) how to address common management issues in today's workplace.

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NEW Managing Essentials™ Poor Attitude
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Additional Information

Trainer Comments: Poor attitudes are one of the most subtle and insidious problems that managers have to deal with. Dealing with them properly, in a timely manner, and with great care is critically important. Not handling them is a lot like a virus in a computer. It’ll continue to create a problem until it is corrected. As in any management situation, give the person a lot of recognition for improvement. And, of course, always treat the person with great care and respect.

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