A.C.T. with Integrity™: Real Situations for Discussion
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A.C.T. with Integrity™: Real Situations for Discussion

Maintaining an Ethical Workplace

JUST RELEASED! Your organization probably operates at a fast pace—which means real choices have to be made quickly by employees, team members, managers and others... every day. And every time they make a choice, they hold the future well-being of your organization in their hands. A.C.T. with Integrity™ is a proven tool and model for helping people learn how to “do the right thing, for the right reasons, in the right way.”

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Learning Path & Details

  • Ethics & Compliance
  • Type: Off-The-Shelf Video Program (ILT)
  • Audience: General
  • Available On: USB, Interactive eLearning, Streaming Video & Vignettes


  • Promoting Ethical Conduct

Learning Objectives

  • Identify your organization’s values, standards and expectations regarding workplace integrity
  • Implement your organization’s policies and procedures for addressing work-related ethics and compliance concerns
  • Identify 13 of the most common work-related ethics and compliance concerns
  • Use the A.C.T.™ model to think through an issue and determine the most appropriate choice of action to take in a given situation

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Additional Information

A.C.T. with Integrity™ will help your employees learn how to recognize the most common business ethics and compliance situations they face every day. It provides a clear, easy-to-use model that will help them think things through to arrive at the most appropriate choice of action to take, ensuring the integrity of your organization.

Your organization has its own unique personality, needs and issues. A.C.T. with Integrity™ was designed with that in mind. Because it uses a modular format, it’s flexible enough to be used as the foundation for a new compliance training initiative, or you can easily adapt it and integrate it into your existing business ethics training initiative.

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