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SafetyBytes® Common Physical Hazard Terms

A physical hazard is a substance that is likely to burn or support fire; may explode or release high pressures that can inflict bodily injury; or can spontaneously react on its own, or when exposed to water. In this SafetyBytes® course, we’ll discuss common physical hazard terms.

eLearning - SafetyBytes® Workplace Safety Workplace Safety & Awareness, Safety Orientation, Fire Safety Foundational 5 Minutes

Got Sales?™ Opportunity Generation

Opportunity generation is the act of creating sales opportunities for the organization’s products and services and involves identifying both the active and latent needs of the customer. Users will learn four techniques to help them with opportunity generation.

eLearning - LearningBytes® Personal Performance Sales, Sales & Service, Customer Service Foundational 20 Minutes

SafetyBytes® - HazCom: Health Hazard Concepts

The SDS (safety data sheet) provides detailed information about the chemical’s composition, health and physical hazards, precautions for safe handling, and what to do in the event of an emergency. In this SafetyBytes® course, we’ll describe some basic health hazard concepts you may find on SDSs.

eLearning - SafetyBytes® Workplace Safety Chemical Safety, Workplace Safety & Awareness, Handling Hazardous Materials Intermediate 5 Minutes

SafetyBytes® - HazCom: Routes Of Exposure

The safe handling of chemicals begins with - information. Knowing the potential hazards of the chemicals you work with is a vital first step in ensuring your safety - both on the job, and at home. In this SafetyBytes® lesson, we’ll discuss the routes of entry that hazardous materials might have you’re your body.

eLearning - SafetyBytes® Workplace Safety Handling Hazardous Materials, Chemical Safety, Workplace Safety & Awareness Intermediate 5 Minutes

Got Sales?™ Handling Objections

Handling objections is the process of dealing with concerns the customer articulates. By the end of this lesson, you will be able to identify why handling objections is important, the three common types of objections, and the three-step model for overcoming them.

eLearning - LearningBytes® Personal Performance Sales & Service, Sales, Interpersonal Skills, Selling Foundational 25 Minutes

SafetyBytes® HazCom: How Hazardous Substances Effect The Body

Chemicals and materials that help create everything from the microchips in our computers, to the medicines that improve our health, can pose a hazard, IF they are not handled safely. In this SafetyBytes® lesson, we’ll discuss various classes of hazardous substances and the effect they have on certain body organs.

eLearning - SafetyBytes® Workplace Safety Chemical Safety, Workplace Safety & Awareness, Handling Hazardous Materials, Safety Orientation Foundational 5 Minutes

TrainingBriefs® Generations in the Workplace - Feeling Valued

New Micro-Learning! We are all shaped by our life experiences, people who have similar life experiences tend to think and respond to situations more similarly than others who didn’t share those experiences. At the heart of most of the conflict and misunderstanding that develops between employees of different generations are communication styles and core motivations, and sometimes, the reluctance to change.

eLearning - TrainingBriefs® Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Respect Generational Challenges, Diversity Dynamics, Teamwork, Unconscious / Hidden Bias Foundational 8 Minutes

TrainingBriefs® Workplace Privacy & Employee Consent

New Micro-Learning! A written sign-off that meets federal and state legal requirements for each of the situations discussed in this course could prevent many legal headaches - and it shows that you respect everyone's right and expectation to privacy.

eLearning - TrainingBriefs® Ethics & Compliance Workplace Privacy, Compliance, Management, Professionalism Foundational 5 Minutes

TrainingBriefs® That’s Generation Z?

New Micro-Learning! The newest generation of workers (Gen Z) will increase the complexity of managing and working across generations, especially considering that more than 75% of workers identify "managing multi-generational teams" and "different work expectations across generations" as challenges. Organizations must prioritize generational training to ensure the generational gap at work doesn't continue to expand and result in poor communication, collaboration, engagement and more.

eLearning - TrainingBriefs® Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Respect Generational Challenges, Diversity Dynamics, Inclusion & Equity, Respect Foundational 5 Minutes

SafetyBytes® Hazardous Product Labeling Information

Labels, used in conjunction with material safety data sheets, or SDSs, provide the critical information you need to know in order to handle and store hazardous products as well as how to respond in an emergency situation. In this SafetyBytes® lesson, we’ll review the information typically found on hazardous product labels.

eLearning - SafetyBytes® Workplace Safety Handling Hazardous Materials, Workplace Safety & Awareness, Safety Orientation Foundational 5 Minutes

Confined Spaces: Survival by Permit™ - Safety Classic

This powerful eLearning module covers topics like: why a confined space entry permit?, isolating the space, establishing emergency/rescue personnel, verifying tag out and communications and using safety equipment.

eLearning - Safety Classics Workplace Safety Confined Space Safety, Workplace Safety & Awareness, Communicating Safety Intermediate 16 Minutes