TrainingBriefs® Respecting Generational Differences
New eLearning Course
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TrainingBriefs® Respecting Generational Differences

New Micro-Learning! The average work environment now might have up to four generations under one roof. That said, the old dog and the young pup need to work harmoniously in order to get things done. While these totally different generational viewpoints and approaches to work can undoubtedly be beneficial, they can also be somewhat challenging to navigate.


Type:eLearning - TrainingBriefs® ID:2256 
Course Level:Foundational
Learning Paths:Diversity, Inclusion & Respect
Main Topic:Generational Challenges
Other Topics:Diversity, Inclusion & Equity, Cultural Competency & Sensitivity
Competencies:Fostering Diversity, Inclusion and Equity
Suggested Industry Usage:Healthcare, Industrial & Manufacturing, Office & General, Retail & Hospitality, Government
Available Formats:Interactive eLearning
Subject:Generations in the Workplace
Source Program:Generations: M.E.E.T. for Respect in the Workplace™
Trainer Comments:It’s no secret that different generations can have contrasting views on work. But, it doesn’t need to be a sore spot filled with conflict and disagreement. The key is to foster a work environment that respects and values differences—rather than downplaying or punishing them.
Seat Time:7 Minutes
Interactivity:Integrated video, audible narration, interactions, mobile design, post-test.


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