The Oh Series™ Everyday Diversity (eLearning Program)
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The Oh Series™ Everyday Diversity (eLearning Program)

Diversity and inclusion dynamics are the positive or negative reactions that occur when dimensions of diversity, such as culture, experience, and expectations, come together. An “Oh?” moment occurs when “difference makes a difference!” In other words, it occurs when diversity and inclusion dynamics impact our relationships, behavior, or understanding of a situation.


Type:eLearning - Classics ID:2402 
Course Level:Foundational
Learning Paths:Diversity, Inclusion & Respect
Main Topic:Inclusion & Equity
Other Topics:Communication, Diversity, Respect, Unconscious / Hidden Bias, Emotional Intelligence
Competencies:Fostering Diversity, Inclusion and Equity
Suggested Industry Usage:Healthcare, Industrial & Manufacturing, Office & General, Retail & Hospitality, Government
Available Formats:Interactive eLearning
Subject:Maximizing Workplace Diversity
Source Program:The Oh Series™ Everyday Diversity
Trainer Comments:Remember, we want to be able to take advantage of our diversity, to help us become more productive and successful. To do that, we've got to make an effort to recognize and respond to situations where respect and inclusion are needed – helping us get beyond those potentially awkward “oh?” moments.
Seat Time:40 Minutes
Interactivity:Linear navigation, pre- and post-assessment, full video, interactions, audible narration.


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